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MCA Words to Know

No description

Tyler Davis

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of MCA Words to Know

MCA Words to Know Main Idea It is the gist of a passage.It is the point.It is the central thought.All the sentences of the paragraph or passage will support this idea. Find the main idea in the passage below:
Summer is a wonderful time to spend at West Beach. It is a beach with light-colored, soft sand. The coastline goes on for a long way and many people enjoy walking along it. Children like to play in the surf and walk along the rocks that are visible at the low tide. This is a fun beach for people of all ages. Find the main idea in the following passage:Most teenagers and young adults do not know what they want to do for the rest of their lives. It is a big decision. There are a number of things you can do to narrow the choices. For example you can take an interest test, do some research on your own about a career, try volunteer work in the field in which you’re interest, or “job-shadow”, in which you spend a day with a person who is working in a field that interests you. These are just a few helpful ideas as you begin to choose a career. Topic Sentence It is a sentence that states the main idea.It is a sentence that captures the meaning of the entire paragraph.It tells what the passage is mainly about. Pluto presents significant challenges for spacecraft because of its small mass and great distance from Earth.Voyager 1 could have visited Pluto, but controllers opted instead for a close flyby of Saturn's moon Titan.Voyager 2 never had a plausible trajectory for reaching Pluto.In 2000, NASA cancelled the Pluto Kuiper Express mission, citing increasing costs and launch vehicle delays.The first spacecraft to visit Pluto will be NASA's New Horizons, launched on January 19, 2006.No apparent topic sentence Summarize A summary condenses the ideas in a source and allows you to use the ideas as a reference without having to reread the entire work each time. Steps to summarizing
First, read the entire passage.
Figure out and write down the main idea.
List the major details. Paraphrase To paraphrase means to show understanding in your own words. Arguments An argument is a statement of reasons for or against something. Good arguments use evidence. Some will use fallacies and generalizations. Generalizations: statements that are unclear and unprovable. example: Vote for me! I work for the common people. I feel your pain and frustration. Fallacies: statements which can be proven untrue.

example: All brown-eyed people have a unique gene that allows them to see a different light spectrum. Assumptions: broad beliefs that accepted as true without actual proof.

examples: Girls don’t like watching football. Boys can’t cook. Point of View 1st person: The point of view is from the person doing the telling. Clue words are "I", "my", "mine" "we", or "our".

3rd person: The point of view is not one of the characters. If there aren't any of the 1st person clue words, it is probably 3rd person. Evaluate Judge
In your own opinion
Decide the worth of Ex: Evaluate the movie you saw last weekend. Infer A good guess
Read between the lines
A guess based on clues or hints Ex: I broke my G string, and I might as well pick up some new picks at the store. Explicit/Implicit Explicit is something clearly stated.
Implicit is more vague, reading between the lines. Ex: If you don't turn in your homework I'm going to give you a zero and call your parents.

If you don't turn in your homework, you're going to be sorry. Clarity The author’s ability to use voice and style to get their point across. Accuracy The author's ability to use evidence to predict future outcomes.

Ex: Lady Gaga's last performance in Minnesota sold out in 5 minutes. She will probably perform at a bigger venue next time. Credibility The author's ability to demonstrate that they are knowledgable and trustworthy on a topic. Ex: Jared selling Subway sandwiches. Synthesize Combining different parts to create something new and encompassing.

Ex: Using new Spanish vocabulary to have a more in depth conversation. Draw conclusions Using evidence from the text to describe motivations or outcomes. Ex: Billy and Jill are hanging out all the time, holding hands, and smile constantly. Predict Make a guess at
What will happen next
To guess before knowing Ex: When will it be 70 degrees in Virginia, MN again? Form interpretations Answers why something happens. No right or wrong, but there are better answers. Ex: Why do you think Clarisse died so early in Fahrenheit 451? Analyze Break apart
Study the pieces
Figure out how Ex: Why do students take standardized tests? Theme The theme is the “big idea” communicated through the work. Theme is not the subject but rather the insight about that subject. It is the message. Example:“Love always triumphs over evil.” How to find theme....
What is the lesson the main character learns?
How is the conflict resolved?
Look at the title for a clue. The youth gave a shriek as he confronted the thing. He was, for moments, turned to stone before it. He remained staring into the liquid looking eyes. The dead man and the living man exchanged a long look. Then the youth cautiously put one hand behind him and brought it against a tree. Leaning upon this, he retreated, step by step, with his face still toward the thing. He feared that if he turned his back the body might spring up and stealthily pursue him.

The theme of this passage might be expressed as:
The living and the dead form bonds of love.
Death should not be feared.
Never speak badly about the dead.
Confronting death can be terrifying. Voice Word choice, tone, and syntax (the way you put sentences together). Voice can change from piece to piece. Ex: And beyond yonder valley lies the destination of my purpose. Tis a sweet place, full of game and merriment. Imagery The forming of mental images.

Ex: A kitchen window steaming from a
apple pie fresh out of the oven.

The texting and driving presentatin today.

Bats flying across the full moon. The wind banging a screen door, while a shadow as at the window. Symbolism A word or object that stands
for another word or object. Ex: A badge. + xoxoxo An apple Two triangles facing right. The black box in
"The Lottery" Easter eggs Irony When there is a gap between
expectations and reality. Ex: Two men were accidentally
shot at a gun safety meeting. My 10th graders love taking
notes. Lottery winners going
bankrupt. Abbreviate being such
a long word. Satire Writing that exposes hypocrisy or
makes fun of a person, idea, or
piece of art. Ex: The Colbert Report, Daily Show, and
South Park all use this style.
Author's purpose The author’s purpose might
be to inform, entertain, persuade,
explain why, instruct,
create suspense, motivate,
cause doubt, introduce a character,
create a mood, or share a story. Ex: The difference between
a recipe and a menu.

The difference between a
commercial and a review. Trace OutlineList in steps
Show the development Trace the thought process
your parents might go through
if you are late for your curfew. And we're done taking notes.
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