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My Nan inspired me to make this prezi. Love you nan

Charlie Masters

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Technology

Technology Through The Ages
Text Messages/ Calls
On a mobile phone 20 years ago all you could do was call people not even text someone. Now we can send lots of texts and call many people.
Topic 3
Advantages And Disadvantages Of using IT
IT is connecting more people together and creating a whole new range of sources. Disadvantages is that it is taking to much time up and people are spending more time on the internet.
Topic 5
Topic 6
Examples Of IT In Society
Cyber bulling is a big problem on IT as more and more people are getting cyber bullied. Cyber bullying is causing teenaged kids to commit suicide
The only reason mobile phones was used for was to call people, now phones can download apps, take pictures and play games.
Smart Phones
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