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Voices in the Park

No description

Jennie Clausen

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of Voices in the Park

The hat is a symbol throughout the text. The royalty depicted in this
image which symbolizes the mother believing she is better than others. The tree is leaning away from the mother. Charles' gaze leads the
reader to wonder what he is looking at. There is an alligator
eating this person. The roles of the
dogs have switched. The trees show the panic
she has when she realizes
Charles is gone. alligator In her shadow, she is a dog The roles of the
dogs have switched. She is yelling so loud the leaves are blowing off the trees (and off the page). The dogs are oblivious to the panic. The pathway leading to the children together is dark and ominous. The dogs are still a focal part of the image. Charles is hidden behind his mother. She is represented as more important than him. The burning bush is a biblical symbol from the book of Exodus in which God instructs Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt much as the mother is leading Charles away from Smudge A flame is also depicted here at the top of this fence. Human arms giving the character
human characteristics. The first image of Albert from the father's eyes Rembrandt Mona Lisa The trees are leaning to guide the readers eyes across the page. The buildings resemble projects, showing the class of this family. Albert here does not fit the image that Charles' mother described him. Mary Poppins The foot of this tree looks like that of an elephant. The lights are white in the father's perspective. Elephant trunk The depiction of the fast moving dogs guides the reader's eye across the page and separates the foreground from the background. The statue is pointing towards the dogs, and also telling the reader where to look. The father has human hands. Another famous painting is shown here. Edvard Munch's Scream Smudge is seen in front of her father now showing her importance for the rest of the image's change in mood. Godzilla Rembrandt and Mona Lisa dancing The trees are no longer sagging as they were on their way to the park. The light is a flower that has sprung up from the sidewalk. The man that was begging at the beginning is now dancing. Charles looks as though he is longing for something. Notice the starkness of the room. He has no toys or color. The shadow of his mother is cast over him as an ominous and frightening figure. He is looking down the path as if he longs to go that way, but knows he can't. No one else in the image is alone, making his lonliness even more obvious. Symbols of his mother's overprotectiveness. These images resemble her hat. In this image there is a stark contrast between the sad and depressing world of Charles and the happy and colorful world of Smudge. Sad happy alive dead Even the dogs are in contrast. Cloudy Blue skies Fits the theme of contrast- a tandem bicycle with each person trying to pedal the opposite way. The hat- mother is watching The hat- mother is watching Depicted as a boy- scared There is an arrow here, pointing to the dogs as the statue did in the father's story. Also guiding the reader's eye Victoria is pictured as much larger than Albert here. There are faces in the railing Face The dogs' tails. Scared, worried, unsure excited, happy, elated Symbol of love- Charles is being shot by cupid as he looks back for Smudge. For the first time we see Charles smiling. A Dove appears in the tree branches- a symbol for peace. FIRST VOICE SECOND VOICE THIRD VOICE FOURTH VOICE Smudge sees images of her father like Charles see images of his mother For smudge, the world is colorful and happy- and creative. She see a lot of fruit, which can symbolize youth anger The dogs appear to be running through her head Smudge still sees color- the flowers are popping off her scarf. The clouds look liek steam coming out of the mother's head. Fruit- symbol of youth Charles appears small, weak, naive The light posts for Smudge are red Father is watching Whale banana- symbol of sustinence. Vibrant colors surorund Smudge. Vibrant colors surorund Smudge. There is a stark contrast here in color. Warmth and light encircles the children, but they are surrounded by darkness. It looks as though he is walking into a river- possibly symbolizes a sense of drowning when with his mother. The flowers on mother's scarf are now the hats that symbolize her. Hats Sadness The image on the mug depicts the day at the park.
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