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Teacher Induction

An overview of the new teacher induction program at MVHS.

Joseph Crouse

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Teacher Induction

MVHS New Teacher Induction Program
Journey to Success
Induction to MVHS
New teacher success and retention
MVHS New Teacher Professional Development Program.
A mentor teacher in house from the same content field (weekly observation by mentor, and new teacher will complete weekly observations of mentor)
Weekly collaborative meetings with content teams
Classroom Management strategies
Differentiation strategies
Assessment strategies
Technology Integration Training
APL training, offered by county (new teachers will receive priority for positions alotted to the school)
New Teacher Academy Coursework (WVCPD)
Professional Development
To ensure that there is quality teaching and learning occurring, all new teaching staff to MVHS will receive:
Frequent walk-throughs by MVHS administrative staff
Weekly "10 Minute Meetings" with administration
Weekly observations by mentor
Weekly observations of mentor/model classroom
Monthly "formal" observations
Evaluations in accordance to Educator Evaluation Program
Quality Assurance
Several methods will be used to determine the effectiveness of the induction program:
Candidate's successful completion of Praxis Examination (if applicable)
Student teacher successful completion of preservice program
Cultural Typology Survey
Teacher Portfolios
Interviews with participants
Yearly Evaluations
Teacher Retention
Other Anecdotal Evidence
Evaluation of Program
After completing the previous steps, new teachers will develop the necessary skill set to be successful at MVHS.
This program is designed to provide supplemental support for new educators at MVHS, specifically:
Teachers on a temporary permit
Transition to Teaching Cohort
Troops to Teachers
Recent graduate from accredited institution
Long term substitutes in core content fields (outside of specialization)
Student teachers
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