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Bovine Somatotropin


Sarah Thompson

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of Bovine Somatotropin

Bovine Somatotropin What is Bovine Somatotropin (bST)? bST is a natural growth hormone found in cattle that is injected into the udders of the cattle in order to produce more milk. However with the use of this substance there are multiple costs and benifits for the use of bST. How is bST made? Scientists remove the gene used to make naturally occuring bST then a bacterium called Escherichia coli (E-coli) that is found in the intestinal tract of cattle it dramatically increased the amount of bST in the sample. It is then purified and injected into the cow. Cost vs. Benifits of using Bovine Somatotropin Costs It is harmful to the cows. It causes the udders to produce more milk increasing the size of the udders dramatically. The cows udders begin to hang lower to the ground leaving them more suseptable to infection. If the cows udders become infected and the farmer does not notice when the cow gets milked all the milk will be deposited into one giant vatt of milk. When the milk is tested the milk will all have to be thrown out since the vatt will now be full of infection. Causing the farmer to lose money. Cow with Mastitis Benifits We get cheap milk. But at what cost? What do people have to say about the use of bST? Issues rasied when BST is used... Even though the somatotropin is naturally found in both humans and cattle it breaks down much faster than the injected version(Benzi,62). Monsanto's Opinion They believed that it was a managable risk they were willing to make. Monsanto refuses to lable the products that contain the genetically GMO's. Where is BST banned? Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Australia and the majority of the Europe
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