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ideate carlos arango

No description

Carlos Arango

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of ideate carlos arango

A reliable, proactive, good with people, graphic designer
who works as an Internship director for a university
wants to help boost world of mouth and sharing of internships experiences among students,
because, a lot of the expectations, fears and perceptions, that a future intern has about working in a company,
comes from what the students that already did the internship are telling them.
No money No problem
Solutions are
How would a kid solve it
IF I WAS A RICH MAN....Or internship director
What to do With unlimited Budget
An Internship story in every email the Internship department or GD faculty sends
Assistance center for future interns
What i did in the company???

Interns showroom
Have future interns Interview students that alredy did the internship
Have Students do Internship reports
Student talks to future interns
Internet Forum about internships
Testimonial videos in youtube or vimeo
Flyers with stories about internships, to be handled in the university
Students that already did the internship grade the future interns class assigments
Internships anecdotes printed in cafeteria plates
Ted -like web site
Google hangouts with interns, professors and bosses
Presented in novel format, or maybe as a taschen book
Why not as a comic book ?

"The amizing GD* in the land of Ad Agency"
Have interns write a blog
Or Magazine
"Intern today"
A traveling book model will be cool
Have Future interns follow it
Or maybe an e-mail chain, "Send this internship mail to 10 more and something will hapen"
Scream Really loud!!!!!!
With Toys
Grown up toys
Cell Phones and such
Play with Others
Video Games
Program in the university Radio
Make a stand up comedy
The internship review app
Augmented Reality Game
Real world
skill challenges
Facebook Virtual
Agency game
Internship simulator
Minecraft Style
Students Build their own Real world Challenges
Watch Cartoons
What would BEN 10 do?
Doh! turn into a monster with the right abilities
Abilities to survive the work life card game
Internship Assist line
Intern For a week Program
BOSS in class, the companies Designers teach a class
Be the Boss, interns manage a design project for the company
A spy program to gather insights into what students say
Hire a group or company of professional designers to tackle a project with students
8 hour a day reality show into an interns experience
Fake company within the university
Write the experiences in random whiteboards around the campus
Story tellers in the cafeterias
Invite me lunch and i tell you everything about an internship
Maybe in the chairs or graffity
Text Me!
And ill text you back
a story
Postit notes around the university
How about every
screen on campus ?
Secret sign code in front of every company


Cast away,
Intern advice in a bottle.

You can Find it in Fountains and water mirrors in the university

Internship sticker album
If you had Super Powers
portraying Various Internships
Internship recorded all the time with google glasses
Alternate reality game for students

Video Booth where you can record advice to interns
Web site that sharpens your skills for internships
The interns hall of fame
Look for companies around the city
On demand
Find clues on campus
Could be based on What interns did in their company
And other students have a go at it
The Mirror:
Students do in Class the Projects The interns are doing in their companies
Company Open House for Future interns
Then you can choose the company
include Case Studies from university students in ADOBE software
They coud send you to a info website
Or could be clues in a
game or event entries
There could be different types of fliers
and you have to collect them all
Maybe there is a golden flyer, like in charlie and the chocolate factory to win something
Miss information or better information campaign
Role playing internship game
When Computers are rebooting?
Movie trailers about GD in cinemas
We could give skill Badges
Companies could Crowdsource solutions
An internship story in every, whiteboard, email, computer screen, or wall. inspires future interns and professional to apply to new companies . The story changes every week or so, then it can create expectation.
secret CODE in THE city

The city is a giant forum, wherever is a an add agency, web service or design company, strange symbols begin to appear nearby. To to the un-initiated this symbols are nothing but graffiti, but to the members of the graphic design underground, this symbols tell you everything you need to know, what skill you need to know to work there, how much they pay or if there is an angry boss lurking.

Nobody really knows who makes this marks but rumor has it that is made by interns under the cover of darkness, by design schools and companies trying to lure in talent. If you want in log in the web or walk around your city with open eyes
Give Flyers: i just like the challenge of making this idea interesting
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