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Matthew Chen

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of MiNorU YAMASaK

In his early years of training, Minoru was influenced by modern and international style movements.

International style is a type of architecture is basically
a twist off of modern style architecture

When Minoru was 8. His uncle Koten Ito, (architect) visited
him, visiting his uncle made him think differently about
architecture. Making him want to be one
He was also a little historically inspired
Theory / philosophy
Minoru yamasaki believed that his architecture should be based off of human experience
1st structure Lambert airport
Named after Albert bond Lambert, an Olympic medalist and a listerine manufacturer
Designed by Minoru yamasaki
had 6 accidents
It is located on
10701 Lambert International Blvd, St.Louis, Mo, U.S.A.
In the 1920s, the lambert airport became the first airport to have traffic control system
started out as a place called kinloch field
Minoru Yamasaki lived a very successful yet motivational life, always being creative and imaginative. And although he died back in 1986, he still inspires us to make a difference.
Minoru yamasaki
Minoru yamasaki is a japanese american architect that has designed many famous buildings and structures.
Did you know ?

2nd structure
Rainier tower
The Rainier tower is 31 stories tall
It was completed in 1977
Located in Seattle, Washington at 1301 fifth avenue
the building was built on an 11 story pedestal, an unusual appearance
The locals often call it the "wine glass"
also made from steel, but rested on a concrete base
Was created for Seattle World's Fair
Rainier Tower had 538,529 net square footage
Did you know?
There was once a fundraiser for the special olympics that involved repelling off of the rainier tower
Floor 23 floor plan
This building inspired terminals at
John F. Kennedy International Airport
Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport
Minoru yamasaki was born in Seattle, Washington on December 1, 1912.
His parents were John Tsunejiro and Hana yamasaki.
He canned salmon in a factory to pay for architect school
Yamasaki’s career ended with his death from stomach cancer on Feb. 7, 1986, at age 73., In Seattle, Washington
In 1941, he married Teruko Hirashiko

Grew up in Auburn, Washington and went to Garfield Senior high school.
He went to university of Washington and to New york university
Basic Info
World Trade Center
( Twin Towers )
Minoru planned the buildings to be 80 stories tall, however, to meet port authorities requirement of 10,000,000 square ft, they had to be 110 stories tall
There was a North Tower and a South tower hence the name "Twin Towers"
The complex has its own zip code ! its 10048
It was opened to tenants in 1972 but the ribbon cutting ceremony was in 1973
they started planning the building in th 1940's
the towers were finished within 1966 to 1972
The world trade center was built to "make more room" to the financial center
Got destroyed by 2 hijacked air planes on 9/11/01
Did You Know?
photo found at bnhabitat.com
ville savoye
Major Achievements & accomplishments
And a building must be like a human being. It must have a wholeness about it, something that is very important.
-Minoru Yamasaki

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/m/minoru_yamasaki.html#YgchU38fcTWQ3KMt.99
Got a bachelors degree in architecture at the university of washington.

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