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Sex and Relationships Consolidation Lesson Y8

No description

Emma Breeze

on 17 November 2011

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Transcript of Sex and Relationships Consolidation Lesson Y8

Sex and Relationship Education
What Skills did you use?
Lesson 1
Friendship and
Self Esteem
What advise would you give a friend who was thinking of having sex?
To understand the importance of friendship as a source of love and mutual respect
To recognise that everyone has qualities that make them unique and special
What special qualities do you have?
What qualities are important in a friend?
Why do we need friends?
Lesson 2
Starting and Ending relationship
To understand what it means to start a relationship and how to deal with the ending of a relationship
To discuss feelings associated with relationships starting or ending
What Skills did you use?
Lesson 3
Sex and the Law
To understand the basic UK laws relating to young people’s sexual health and relationships
To understand that people make their own decisions about sex and relationships and there aren’t necessarily ‘right’ answers
Complete the card sort activity
Did you mget more right this time?
What Skills did you use?
Lesson 4
How do I know when to have sex?
To understand that everyone has different reasons for entering in to a sexual relationship
To understand that people are ready to have sex at different times and shouldn’t feel pressure to have sex before they are ready
Lesson 4
How do I know when to have sex?
Are you ready – or not quite yet?
You feel you could say no if you wanted to.
You can have fun together without anything sexual involved.
You each want it for yourself, not for the other person or to fit in with your friends or others’ expectations of you.
Nobody is forcing you, pressuring you or making you.
You have discussed using condoms and contraception, and agreed what happens next and whether or not to tell your friends afterwards as well as talking about what happens if you become pregnant.

You probably won’t be ready to have sex until you can say yes to all this statements.
What Skills did you use?
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