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No description

Carolina Cestero

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of knowledge

knowledge pomodoro vengo non vengo museo mio Imagination is more important than knowledge. For Knowledge is limited while imagination embraces the entire world. http://www.vimeo.com/11259409 museo mio keywords open discussion personalized booklet cultural events enabling technologies places actors/roles tourists.locals.students gps.bluetooth.wifi public institutions.galleries keywords places personal advisor observer/actor local turist vengo non vengo around the city actors/roles locals.executives enabling technologies GPS
tracker keywords places enabling technologies actors/roles sound track local music location caracteristics local neighbourhoods tourists GPS
tracker pomodoro pomodoro pomodoro pomodoro vengo non vengo vengo non vengo vengo non vengo content management local websites.Comune di milano
vengo non vengo content management last.fm / groove shark
italian radio websites pomodoro content management Comune di milano.exibart.com museo mio museo mio museo mio museo mio knowledge Victoria OCCUPATION: freelancer project manager
MOBILE DEVICE: Smartphone unlimited plan
Facebook, twitter, kodak slideshow
Her needs in CONTEXT:
forgets about social events only goes to work related events
1 kid,connected all the time active facebook user;comments on
friends pictures and send messages on facebook, tweets 2-4
times a day
SMS user with husband and friends
wants to be able to schedule her social and family week
Irene OCCUPATION: retired traveler (has a travel group of friends)
MOBILE DEVISE: SmartPhone unlimited data plan
LOCATION: Puerto Rico
ACCOUNTS: gmail, Yahoo, facebook (but rarely uses it),
Her needs-in CONTEXT:
travels every month
Uses all her applications in her phone
likes cultural events such as opera, museums, and theater
Loves music but does not take time to create playlists for her travelings

pomodoro vengo non vengo pomodoro OCCUPATION:
Senior Developer
MOBILE DEVICE:SmartPhone unlimited data plan
Beirut, Lebanon
Kodak: active; always
uploads new albums.
Facebook: active; often posts albums.
Skype: only uses at work
Communication patterns
Mostly chats and voice calls
Skype for work
Her needs-in CONTEXT
She’s always adding new
photo albums or checking
other peoples albums to
leave a comment.
OCCUPATION:Junior Designer
MOBILE DEVICE:SmartPhone unlimited data plan
LOCATION:Beirut, Lebanon
ACCOUNTS:Youtube: Checks videos often.
Facebook: active; often posts &
shares youtube links.
Skype: active user.
Limewire: Dowloads songs
on a daily basis.
Her needs-in CONTEXT
She enjoys reading books
during her free time.
Likes to share links / medias
on facebook.
Uses Ipod on a daily basis.
Patil OCCUPATION: Copywriter
MOBILE DEVICE:  SmartPhone unlimited data plan
LOCATION:Istanbul, Turkey
ACCOUNTS:Flickr, LastFm, Skype, msn, Facebook, sosyomat, ekşisözlük.
Communication Patterns
Mostly msn, skype for urgent calls uses personal phone.
Her needs in CONTEXT:
She is always on 7/24 loves to connect comment over social networks. Always on search for new social networks loves to share photos tag them download and upload. pomodoro OCCUPATION: Photographer
MOBILE DEVICE:SmartPhone unlimited data plan
LOCATION:Istanbu, Turkey
ACCOUNTS:Flickr, skype
Communication pattern: Skype + voice calls for family
communication and usually personal phone.

His needs in CONTEXT:
He has unorganized calendar. Loves to be informed about cultural events.
Not get distracted by incoming
communication or other online activities
when he is working. vengo non vengo Cem Taluğ pomodoro Isil Oztemel citta mia
Venice, Italy
Facebook: lurker; always cheks but
hardly posts.
Communication patterns
Chats, voice calls, conference calls.
Skype only for work.
Her needs-in CONTEXT:
Reads often; short stories,
historical books, architecture
Varto citta mia
Twitter: Never tweets.
Facebook: always checks;
hardly posts.checks other
people’s posts.
Skype: active; alwayls online.
Communication patterns
Mostly chats and voice calls
Graphic Designer
Mobile device
Beirut, Lebanon
Her needs-in context
Attends events but hardly
goes out alone.
She always needs people to
inform her about social/cultural
events. vengo non vengo OCCUPATION: Musician
MOBILE DEVICES: Smart Phone, with unlimited data plan
LOCATION: Lisbon, Portugal.
ACCOUNTS: Lastfm, GrooveShark, Itunes, Twitter, Youtube.
High-usage of music websites, free sharing music.
Facebook account: High-usage, posts music every day, and comments.
Twitter: medium-usage for professional reasons.
Skype: high-usage, professional and personal use.
Google Account: high usage of Google Earth and Google Buzz.

Eduardo is a professional musician. Keeping in touch with other cultures music influences is a professional and personal goal. Always carries his MP3. His needs are music culture of every type and year, listening 24h per day music, and sharing constantly his new musical achievements.
OCCUPATION: Economy Teacher
MOBILE DEVICE: Smart Phone, with unlimited data plan
LOCATION: Saint Remy, France
ACCOUNTS: Flickr: high-usage, uploads photos of each trip and comments;
Facebook: medium-usage, just between friends, personal use.
Twitter: medium-usage
Skype: constantly on, professional and personal use.
Google Account: high usage of Google Maps, Google Latitude, Google Buzz.

François organizes family trips. He is the patriarch of the family. He loves to know other countries, towards their neighborhood cultures, their old and new habits, and to enjoy and share with his family this knowledge. Young father, he uses intensely new technologies, and what he can effort from them in terms of knowledge of other cultures. Never skips a good traditional music concert from the place where he is.
François, the patriarch of family Eduardo Isabella first interface login with facebook
or gmail account second interface the application will automatically
start with the realtime day.
however, the user can select
the day of the week which he/she
prefers the user can also select the time
he/she wants to receive information
from the arrays of possibilities select time select date 1 3 2 select mode of transportation the application will automatically
calculate the estimated time to arrive
the the place. third interface the user can select the desired activity and tag it for future occation. once tagged, with one click, the page will flip and ask the user to select the time for reminder.
with two clicks the selected bubble will zoom in. select from the random options (tombola) fourth interface title. name. general info.
wikipedia button
facebook button for sharing detailed info (zoomed) fifth interface detailed info wikipedia information first interface Citta Mia is a diary-location
based application
where the user can make his/her own
memory booklet second interface uploaded photos selected from the
GPS which contain selected landmarks and monuments of the
city. template selections big clicking the arrows and or scrolling third interface fourth interface after the user selects the desired template he/she can
click the arrows to view each page with the selected template go to template selection delete unwanted pictures picture gallery sharing menu
Toolbar for picture editing
Pomodoro Bubbles organization Pomodoro
(Special Places in the area) online mode song title/artist name special places bubbles name :google account
connection/sountrack libraries online mode player.like-dislike offsite mode pick-up a bubble...


records your position
LISTEN THE SOUNDTRACK LATER!!! offline mode offline mode CITY sountrack pick up a bubble hear the bubbles sountrack offline mode hear the bubbles sountrack offline mode diary sountrack offline mode my sountrack listen and change recover file share button offline mode dislike out http://www.vimeo.com/11263050 http://www.vimeo.com/11259409 knowledge personas http://www.vimeo.com/11259409 http://www.vimeo.com/11263050
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