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Historical Understandings

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Beth Pettigrew

on 15 February 2015

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Transcript of Historical Understandings

The Berlin Conference
The Berlin Conference was a series of meetings in Berlin, Germany, held by European nations from 1884 - 1885. No African rulers were invited to attend. The European nations discussed Africa's land and how they wanted it to be divided.
Historical Understandings
The student will analyze continuity and change in Africa leading to the 21st century.
a. Explain the European partitioning across Africa contributed to conflict, civil war, and artificial political boundaries.
Why were the Europeans still interested in Africa after the slave trade ended?
Reasons for Colonization
Raw materials (natural resources)
Industrial Revolution
source of cheap labor
new markets for European goods
create secure trade routes like the Suez Canal
change African culture to be more European
Impact of Colonialism
Negative Impacts
The Scramble for Africa
Colonization of Africa
Positive Impacts
Africans had no control over their own countries
Land was taken for farms for Europeans
Wars, riots, protests
Starvation and disease
Africans forced into labor
New "artificial borders" were drawn which separated families and tribes
Ethnic and tribal rivalries
Schools and hospitals were built
economies improved
Roads and railroads built (improved infrastructure)
Health improved
Slave trade was ended at the Berlin Conference
New technology
European Countries with African Colonies
only Ethiopia and Liberia were independent
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