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USEMBASSYPERU Social Media Strategy


Kyra Hamann

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of USEMBASSYPERU Social Media Strategy

Connected World
The World has a population of 7 billion
2,095,006,005 of them use internet (30%)

(http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm) Peru The population of Peru is
29 million 797 694
Source: INEI, junio de 2011

10 million 567 use internet
Source: Ipsos Apoyo, Informe Usos y Actitudes hacia Internet 2011
63% of them live in Lima With the web 2.0 we can now be closer to our udiences and have a two-way communication.

Web 2.0 allows interactivity, real time communication, collaboration and sharing options that make possible the social media as a new environment to socialize. http://www.facebook.com/Peru.usembassy http://spanish.peru.usembassy.gov/ http://www.facebook.com/Peru.usembassy https://twitter.com/#!/usembassyperu http://www.youtube.com/usembassyperu http://www.flickr.com/photos/usembassyperu/ Social media policy
The Embassy;s social media policy is based on 5 FAM 790 USING SOCIAL MEDIA. Some Key points to remind are: •Develop a responsible use of Social Media that is consistent with the current laws, guidance and policies that govern information and information technology.
•Department personnel should obtain supervisory approval prior to creating a social media site or contributing significant content to external social media sites.
•All social media sites require ongoing oversight to ensure its proper management.
•Entities with social media sites must request supervisory approval and be able to commit the significant staff time required to keep the site maintained and current.
•Mangers must ensure that copyrighted materials are used according to the copyright laws.
•Social media should be monitored periodically after hours and on weekends and holidays to respond to any inappropriate postings.
•Social media archiving and records must be monitored and maintained.
•Department security procedures must be followed, including the nondisclosure of personally identifying information (PII) and the security of passwords.
•Branding requirements such as use of the Department of State seal must be followed. Thank you!
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