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School-to-Prison Pipeline

No description

Jessie Mai

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of School-to-Prison Pipeline

The School-to-Prison Pipeline
Ferguson: "Bad Boys"
Tuzzolo: "Rebuilding Inequity "
What is the School-to-Prison Pipeline?
Scenario #1
A male student in possesion of a written “Hit List”
A fellow student took the list out of the boy's backpack, and he snatches it back from him.
There is a struggle, back and forth.
The teacher sees the incident, retrieves the list, and reads it.

Does this behavior warrant disciplinary action?
If so, what kind?
Scenario #2
A male student's usage of a permanent marker
According to his teacher, while writing with the marker, it bled through the paper and onto the desk.
The student was also reportedly seen writing directly on the desk with the marker.

Does this behavior warrant disciplinary action?
If so, what kind?
Criminalization of Typical Adolescent Behavior
Research question: Why are black boys more visible, culpable “rule breakers”?

AA boys are doubly displaced - as black children and as black males

Black children are “adultified” - careless behavior of children are perceived as adult acts

Black male “naturally naughty” behavior is misconstrued as threatening and reflective of their futures

Wald & Losen:
"Defining and Redirecting a School-to-Prison Pipeline"
Zero-tolerance approach to school violations widely adopted. Increasing the number of students suspended and increasing police presence at schools.

Minorities are heavily overrepresented among those impacted by zero-tolerance policies.
Strong correlations between troubled education backgrounds and subsequent arrests and incarceration.
Failure to provide appropriate intervention for students.

Interactive Activity!
Real-Life Resolution
The boy is escorted to the main office.
He is handcuffed.
He receives a suspension for 180 days.

Additional context:
11th-grade African-American male
Real-Life Resolution
The student was placed under arrest.
He was transferred to a Community Intervention Center for juveniles.

Additional context:
13-year-old male
The Re-emergence of the School-to-Prison Pipeline in New Orleans
Community Rights Campaign
New Orleans Public School System = Experiment in Education

School-to-Prison Pipeline in New Orleans:
increase in expulsions and suspensions
increasingly punitive discipline system
prison-like atmosphere
lack of human and tangible resources
What Can We Do?
IGNITE Campaign
Invest in Graduations
Not Incarceration
Transform Education
Field study research question: Why is the vast majority of children facing disciplinary action black and male?

Disciplinary tiers: Punishing Room > Jailhouse > Suspension > Expulsion

“Bad boy” identity is constructed and perpetuated in schooling system via adult behavior (microaggressions)

Cultural perspective - shifts blame to dysfunctional family structures, away from dysfunctional school environment
Ch. 2: The Punishing Room
Ch. 4: Naughty by Nature
Disproportional Incarceration Rates of POC
Pipeline Simulation!
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