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The Secret Under My Skin

No description

Sydney Mannell

on 10 June 2010

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Transcript of The Secret Under My Skin

The Secret Under My Skin by: Janet McNaughton presentation done by Connor Chittle, Samantha Morencie, Sydney Mannell and Jessie Jariett Cycle 1 Summary We are introduced to the main character
and the workcamps. We find out that
the workcamps are made of street children
and we can infer they are all girls. At the
workcamps the children go through all our
garbage looking for reusable items. All the
children at the camps make small dolls
called "guys" who stand for the techies who
are very important to memory day. Memory
day is a very important day in the workcamp
where we learn about the technocaust and
Lem Howell. At the workcamps on memory day we learn that Lem Howell is a canible
who's wife was poisened by the techies which caused him to go insane. We also learn that when the children threw there guys into the fire it stands for what they did to the techies.
We learn the main characters real name is Blay Raytee, and that she can read and write and loves poetry. We learn about the newest bio-indicator Marella whom we met in the prologue. We learn that bio-indicators are people who are very important to the enviroment and society because they can feel toxins in the air, water and land. We learn that Blay is chosen by Marella to help her study. We learn that Marella's Master had to argue with the camp to let them take Blay.
We meet the masters wife Erica who has an interest in Blay. We find out that the workcamps do not take very good care of the chilren who work there. They feed them alge and their showers basicly just fill their heads with soap. Cycle 2 Summary We find out Marella is a stuborn, self-minded jerk, and that all she wants is to become a
true bio-indicator without having to do all the work. Blay must help Marella with three tasks to become a bio-indicator. When Blay starts eating real food we find out that the workcamps teach the kids that civilized people eat any vegatables. We meet Lem Howell (sort of) and we find out that the workcamps told the children lies aboout the technocaust, the techies and Lem Howell. We learn that this takes place around 2360. We also learn that Marella is extremley sensitive to toxins and that they leave her scalpe dry and raw. When Blay helps Marella with the first test. We find out that Blay knows more about being a bio-indicator then Marella, but Marella takes all the credit. We meet Lem Howell and find out that he isn't a phsyco canible but is in fact afraid of people. We find out that the object that Blay had at the workcamp is a cassette tape and that it may hold a message of her past. Blay and Lem Howell become friends. Erica suspects Blay is a spy for the commision who are working against bio-indicators. When the workcamp (who is working for the commision) calls Blay back they want Blay to be a spy to see what the bio-indicator is up to. She acts stupid and gets out of being a spy and proves her trust to the masters. We find out that Blay has been reading the bio-indicator books and is learning more then Marella. Cycle 3 Summary In this chapter Marella and Blay complete test number two and they meet CarsonWalsh (Marella's first crush).Blay and Erica go to the weavers guild to see the cloth for the investure robe. After the meeting Blay and Erica stay to discuss the matters of the commision who just wants to control the people. We find out that Erica is a techie and that William was a beothuck ( Someone who rescued people from the concentration camps during the techno-caust). We find out Blay will be a messenger for the killdevil people and to the master. We find out that Blay has a micro chip in her arm that will tell her who she really is (name, age, date of birth, etc.). So Erica takes her to see Lem Howell who says that he can make a device to read the chip. We find out that Blays real name is Blake Raintree and that she is 16 years old born on July 14th 2053. We find out that Blake was probably one of the missing children whch are the children who went missing during the techno-caust. Blake Raintree
Blake is Marrella's helper. She is helping Marrella train to become the bio-indicator. She was raised as a street child after she was stolen from her mother. She was sent to live at a workcamp for the rest of her life until the Master and Marrella come and took her.
She is very tiny and looks to be only 13 years old when in truth she is really 16. She has shortish brown hair and olive brown eyes.
She loves Lem and Fraser and was adopted by the Master and Erica and and was excepted and loved in her new family.

Marrella Splendens Master William Morgan Erica Morgan Carson Walsh Lem Howell http://www.wornthrough.com/
01/professor-jones1.jpg http://forums.terrybrooks.net/
Avatars/7307/Brown-hair-girl.jpg http://images.dailyradar.com/
alexis_bedel_cover.jpg http://www.the-other-mother.com/
Author-of-the-Other-Mother.jpg http://www1.extension.umn.edu/
native-boy.jpg Marrella, named after the animal,
Marrella Splaendens, was chosen
to be a weaver after her grand-mother
died. When she started reacting to
the dyes from the yarn, she was sent to
be a bio-indicator.
Marrella is very self centured except
when it comes to Carson.

net/xc/84876016.jpg? v=1&c=IWSAsset&k=2&d=6
0EC6CF702345BAC8D73777 Cycle 4 Summary In this selection Blake, Marella, Erica and the master leave
for the tablelands where Marella will complete her last test.
The warders from the workcamp follow them to the dock as
if they were stalking them. Marella must wear heavy clothes
so the public can not see her. She has to stay under the deck once on the boat so that nobody can see her. Marella tells Blake
that the only reason Marella chose her was because she thought that Blake could never compete wuth her. They reach the tablelands and Carson ( who was also on the boat) gives Blake a note to give Marella. The Master and Erica take a very depressed and sad Marella and Blake up to the top of the tablelands where they set up camp. The master and Erica leave for the night and Blake has the dream for the last test. Blake gives the dream to Marella. For when the master and Erica. On the way back to Killdevil after Marella completed the test. They fin out that all the children over 15 have been taken except for Fraser. Galapagas Islands http://mynewsletterbuilder.com/ex/template content corner/ex120/images/galapagas.jpg Fraser Howell Cycle 5 summary Fraser gave Blake a sweater that he made for her.She
accepted it, not knowing that it was a token of affection, and a sign
there "together". After finding out, Blake and Fraser talk, and decide
that Blake will keep the sweater, not to wear, but just to keep. Morella
decided she hates the dress, because there are little Marella Splendens
on it, and Blake convinces her to wear it. The military parks at the
workcamp on the day of the investure, which is when Marella will
become the Bio-Indicator. When the Investure starts (at Dusk), the military is gone. Marella met up with the women of killdevil, where they danced to Killdevil, and said the lines where they accept Marella as the Bio-Indicator. The military was at killdevil now. Warder November was with them, and said they were there to make the Bio-Indicator to swear allegience to the Commision. The military said otherwise, that they were just there to welcome the new Bio-Indicator. showing that warder November was kept in the dark. Marella doesn't need an assistant, they decide that Blake will become a weaver. The head weaver decides to take Blake as her assistant. Lem Howell got the cassette working, and find out that Blake was very loved, her father was taken, and they were going to go on a long trip. She didn't mention names or places. Lem recoreded it on a disk so Blake could listen to whenever she wants. The people of Killdevil find that the military has joined the resistance, and that there is a rebellion at St.Pearl, where the young people that were taken. The rebellion lasted 3 days. St.Pearl was taken by the resistance. A list of wounded and dead was given. Carson Walsh was on the wounded list. He will lose his foot, and maybe part of his leg. Marella is very determined to take care of him. After the Investure, the master and Erica adopt Blake, so she won't have to go back to the workcamp and because they love her. http://bugs.bio.edu
Topics/Pant ". . . so it seems strange to me to be talking to you
as if you were grown up and far away when, in fact,
you're safe right here in my lap where you belong...

But the journey we are about to undertake is so long
and perilous that I may have to leave you safe with
someone along the way. If I do, I want you to be able
to hear my voice so you will know how much you
were loved and what a blessing you are to me...

Your father was taken from his lab last night. . . He
knew this would happen, Blake. He made me promise
I wouldn't wait for him. If I were alone I would stay,
but I have you to think about. So, somehow, we will
travel very far from here to a place I've heard we can
hide. That's all I can tell you.

One day, I hope we can listen to this together and
talk about how frightening everything was in the dark
and dangerous past. But I can't be sure. If you listen to
this tape without me, just know that you were loved
as much as you could be. I would never leave you
unless I had to."
- Emily Monax Erica is the masters wife
and house keeper. She works
for the resistance they are trying
to bring down the commision Carson is a hunter and lover
of Marrella. He is the son of Donna a
head weaver. Carson is very handsome.
He has lond dark hair and bright blue
eyes. He is usally dressed in animal skins. http://www.cananda-photos.com/data/media/12/tablelands-waterfall 1673.jpg The Master's House http://www.loghomefloorhomeplansonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/trian rusticluxury timberframe cabin.jpg http://forestwander.com/images/old-church-1.jpg Conflict Man Against Self Blake is always arguing with herself. She is wondering about her future, and she argues with herself about Marrella's too, She feels responsible for Marrella's future, because she was chosen to help Marrella become what she was supposed to be. As it turns out, it is Blake who has the talents the Master is looking for. She feels as though she isn't supposed to have them. Blake eventually decides that Marrella doesn't deserve the talents that Blake has, but still helps Marrella become what Blake should be. At the end, Blake and Marrella tell the Master, after told that Marrella will go to the University, and Blake feels as though she has given her future away. After telling the Master, it is Blake who will go to the University

After the rebbelion, and he loses part of his leg, Carson feels useless. Absorbed in self-pity, he shuts out the world, not being able to do what he was trained to do , and what he loved and meant to do untill he is too old. He was a hunter. Marrella threw a temper tantrum, fed up with him and his self-pity, and him shutting out the world, not talking and not reacting to anything around him. He realizes that everyone has their problems, and some things will never be the same. For everyone. Man Against Nature Marrella is allergic to the chemicals that she used to use when she was an Apprentice-Weaver. The chemicals were in the dyes that she used. Her skin reacted to the chemicals. Her hair fell out and her scalp dried out and bacame raw like someone took a cheese grater to it. She bacame a bio-indicator because she reacted so intensly to the chemicals around her. Bio-Indicators are people who react to places and chemicals in the area and tell people where dangerous chemicals are. Man Againt Society The Commision rules the islands where Blake lives. They rule the people because they still believe the danger of being under the sun still exists. The people in the city live nighttime. The workcamp and Kildevil live daytime. The Commision gives out occasional warnings, saying it is too dangerous to go outside, because of the chemicals that are in the air. These used to be actual warnings, told by the bio-indicators, and given by the Commision, but now those warnings are given just so people still fear nature, and listen to the Commision. The Comission is not a democracy.
That is what Erica, the Weavers' Guild, and all of Kildevil want. They wanted to wiggle themselves slowley into politics, then take the Commision down piece by piece.
That changed then all the young people were taken from them. Anyone aged around 15 to 20 was taken to the military. Everyone was upset. The children at the workcamp started doing Military practices. A meeting was held in Kildevil to talk about what to do. At the end of the meeting, there was a disturbance on the HD (holograph display). Someone at St. Pearl, where the young people were held, had a camera, and sending signals, though they were fuzzy. These flickering images showed a rebellion. The Rebellion at St. Pearl went on for two days and three nights. At the end, the rebels won. St. Pearl was no longer under the Commision's control. The Commision started falling to pieces, and the Military joined the Resistance after Marrella's Investure. The people from the Commision that were at the workcamp left. With no adults at the workcamp, and all there was were children, the people at Kildevil held a meeting. Rob Howell insisted that it be destroyed. The men even got up and went with weapons to kill the children. They stopped when Lem arrived. Erica got her wish, which was to turn the workcamp into a school. The Commision was still everywhere, but democracy was slowly spreading.
Once the Commision left, the Bio-Indicators will have a new role to play, instead of being there just to remind people of the dangers of nature. Lem's House Tablelands cycle 6 summary At the beginning of this cycle, a meeting was held to discuss the workcamp, now that the commission is no longer in control.
Partway through the "discussion" the Killdevil men, led by Rob Howell (Lem's brother) go to destroy the workcamp. Clara left to keep them away, and Blake left to go get Lem, wo she knew would defend the children. When Lem arrived, he stood up to the mob, and Fraser started to realize that Lem isn't a bad person. The workcamp became a school, that Erica runs, and many people from Killdevil help out, Blake helps in the morning, and weaves in the afternoon. Blake gets Fraser to finally meet Lem. He moves in with Lem, and Lem starts teaching him music (like father like son). Blake is not very comfortable with this, as they spend so much time with each other she feels as though she has lost both of them. Carson and William arrive, and Marella goes to help him, as Blake fails miserably in becoming a weaver. When Marella isn't helping Carson she helps Blake with her weaving. During one of Blakes weaving classes Marella flips out and starts throwing plates around the room and shows Carson her dry and burnt scalp. As a result Carson breaks out of his depressed mood and decides to get a prostetic leg. Close to the end of the story Blake finds out that Hillary didn't find her but actually stole her from her mother and that her mother is dead. So after this Blake and Marella tell the master that Blake really completed all the tests and Marella didn't and as a result Blake gets to go to the University. At the end of the book Lem makes a giant aeolion harp with all the names of people from the archives imprinted in it. Lem Howell is frasers real father and blakes mentor. Lem was working agaist the commession during the technocost. Lem lost his memory during the technocost and forgot the birth of his own son. His son was adopted by his brother Robert. Lems wife mechelle was killed during the technocost. He teches music at the workcamp.
Lem is a shy yet kind man. He has shaggy red hair and bierd. William is the teacher of the new
bio-indicator and Erica's husband. He
was a Beothuk during the Technocaust.
He and Erica adopted blake because they
love her and can't have children of there
own. He is around 46 years old, handsome
with a medium build. He has a strong sense
of authority. http://thezenafile.files.wordpress.com
/2009/04/shrew1.jpg Setting This story mostly takes place in Kildevil,
which is a small town, and is the center
of the weavers guild. Mostly made up of
Natives and mainfamilies. The main character,
Blake originally lived in the streets of the city
and was taken to the workcamp, where they
were fed algea, and are basically vegans. They
spend all day in garbage dumps looking for
usefull items from our time. This story takes place
around 2346.
For Marrella's last test, Blake travels overseas to
the Tablelands, Near BC. Fraser is Lem's real son and lover of Blake. He is very smart but shy because Carson and Make fun of him.
Fraser has been living with his Uncle Rob because Rob told Fraser that Lem didn't want a child but in truth just lost his memory.
Fraser loves Blake and he made her a sweater in response to his feelings.
Fraser is around 15 years old with dark skin and hair.
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