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James Madison

No description

Samantha Lewis

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of James Madison

James Madison
Presidency: 1809-1817

Born: March 16, 1751
At Belle Grove Plantation, near Port Conway, Virginia

Madison went to college at Princeton and graduated after two years.

After graduating, in 1774, he took a seat on the local Committee of Safety, which was the first step in his life of public service that his family's wealth allowed him to do.
And then in October of 1775 he was appointed colonel of the Orange County militia. He was not able to serve in combat because he was only 5'4" at only 100 lbs.
His father grew up on a tobacco plantation (Mt. Pleasant, Orange County, Virginia), which he inherited as an adult. He also worked as a tobacco planter.
Later he got more property and slaves and with 5,000 acres, he became the largest land owner and leading citizen of Orange County.
Madison was the oldest of 12 siblings, having 7 brothers and 4 sisters. 3 of his brothers died as infants. In the summer of 1775 his sister, Elizabeth, age 7, and his brother, Reuben, age 3, died from a dysentery epidemic in Orange County.
From ages 11-16 he studied under Donald Robertson at the Innes Plantation in King and Queen County. He learned Math, Geography and Modern and Ancient Languages, becoming very skilled at Latin.
By: Alli,
& Alexa
As an adult he didn't pay much attention to religion. Some scholars say he leaned towards deism.
During the Revolutionary War he served in the Virginia state legislature from 1776-1779. And was elected a second time from 1784-1786.
He was the youngest delegate in the Continental Congress and was considered a legislative work horse.
James Madison wrote most of the Constitution, and all of the Bill of Rights.
After Shay's Rebellion, Madison was one of the nationalists that wanted to reform a national government. Many people called him the father of the Constitution.
In 1789 Madison was elected in the House of Representatives with 57% of the vote, beating James Monroe. In 1790 he beat Monroe again with 98% of the vote.
In 1801, when Thomas Jefferson was president, James Madison was named secretary of state and remained in office until 1809, when he was elected president.
Madison got married at the age of 43, in 1794, to Dolley Payne Todd who was a 26 year old widow. They were together until they both died in 1836.
They got married in Harewood (now Jefferson County West Virginia). He adopted Dolley's only surviving child after the marriage. His name was John Payne Todd. It was known to be a happy marriage but Dolley was disowned by the Society of Friends for marrying a non-quaker.
When he was elected president in 1809, his first vice president, George Clinton, died in 1812, and he didn't have another one until 1813. Elbridge Gerry only live until 1814 and Madison didn't have another vice president after that.

James Madison ran against Charles C. Pinckney in the 1808 elections and won.
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lol swag

Madison won Louisiana, Georgia, North/South Carolina, Tennessee , Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Vermont.
In the election of 1812, James ran against DeWitt Clinton, whose running mate was Jared Ingersoll.
In the election 1808, Madison ran against Pinckney whose running mate was Rufus King.
James won Georgia, North/South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Vermont.
In 1814, during the War of 1812 the British raided Washington, burnt down the white house and other public buildings.
After the War of 1812, the Americans felt like they had established themselves as a world power.
Madison sent Lewis and Clark on their expedition on Jefferson's behalf.
He also had a mountain range and river named after him.
He was the 4th President of the United States.
He was President when Francis Scott Key composed the Star Spangled Banner.
Fun Facts
Madison vs. Obama

Obama's nick names are Barry & No Drama Obama.
James' nicknames were Father of the Constitution & Little Jemmy.
Madison raised money for the War of 1812. Obama ended military involvement in the Iraq War
Fun Facts
James was 43 & Dolley was 26 when they got married. ew
They only knew each other for 4 months before getting married.
He was related to George Washington. He was his cousin.

He died on June 28, 1836 at the age of 85, in Orange County, Virginia.
His last words were "I always talk better lying down."
James was sick often as a child. He was a small, frail boy. This did not hinder his success though.
They both served two terms.

His mother was Eleanor Rose Conway.
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