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how maths can be used in sport ?

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Bodin Victor

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of how maths can be used in sport ?

How maths can be used in sport ? Number of players and
surface of the field we suppose:
- average time to a defender to recapture the striker : t=3s
- average speed of the players :
N=number of players
S=surface of the pitch distance between 2 player:
max: √(S/N)
min: 0 if the players are side by side Average distance: Da= 0+√(S/N) / 2
Da= 1/(2√(N/S) And Da = t*s
= 3*4.5 = 13.5 1/(2√(N/S) = 13.5
√(N/S) = 1/27
N/S = 1/729 Football : 10 players
6500 m² - lot of applications in sports

-not only used to ranking and averages

- the calculations can assist in winning. Introduction : - geometric angles
- wind speeds
- type of court surface
- ball pressure
- string tension
- etc.. - the must player's position

- to create more angles

-to see every opportunities. An example of geometry's problem :

when a player moving closer the net. To do a perfect serve:

- affect at the ball a movement of rotation Used notions :
- velocity
- pressure
- need many calculation. To choose the best strategy :
- test all your different strategies
- choose the best with statistics

But in the game :
-use the probabilities The best position depend on the angle and on the distance. Welcome to our presentation on maths and sport Bodin Victor
Rauffet Mathieu Please, keep your questions for the end. For example, we will see the problem of angle's shoot - how he jump to dunk 

- the angle to shoot

-the right distance to shoot Basketball The end Thanks for your attention TENNIS Sport also used statistics, physic and geometry .

With this, it's possible to improve on lots of sports. Maths - physics Try Conclusion : RUGBY Otherwise this can
happens.. Number of players in a field have influences on the match:
- not enough players : boring
-too much players : shambolic In sport we can use:
-geometry But the best shot is not ever the winning Questions ?
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