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How to write an alternate ending.

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Tiffany McFadden

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of How to write an alternate ending.

Which path would you take?
A different way a story or movie could end.

It could make an impact on the actual story or be a slight change that leaves no impression.
What is an Alternate Ending?
Brainstorming for the Alternate Ending
Make a chart or concept map to list your ideas. Try to think of as many details to see which ending would fit best within your story.
How Do I Know Where to Start to Write My Ending?
1) Look at your actual ending. THINK: Did I like how it ended? Did it resolve the conflict the way I would or could it be resolved differently?

2) Come up with different ways of how the story COULD HAVE ended.

3) Look at where the story plot intensified to its peak point. Insert your ideas where they seem to fit within that peak point and let it 'flow' from there.

How to Write an Alternate Ending - Using 101 Dalmatians
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