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Solution to Tornado problem

No description

Hayley Blaauw

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Solution to Tornado problem

Solution to Tornado Problem
Tornadoes cause destruction, loss of homes, families, pets, and devastation.
How Gullible are We???
That solution will never work. However, the actual solution is quite simple.
Fancy Cellars
These cellars aren't just ordinary cellars, they are houses underground.
The solution to this problem is to create a man made tornado.
We use a machine, sort of like a fog machine, to create the tornado. It turns in the opposite direcion as the real tornado. Then the whole thing dissipates.
They are already built, but they look like prisons. Cellars, that's the solution. Except the catch is that they are the houses underground.
The house part upstairs is just cheap replicas of family articfacts. The same for the business buildings and schools.
How do we make the tornado go the opposite direction?
Answer to that question is to locate the coordinates of the actual tornado press the button on the machine and the manmade tornado goes toward the actual one and BOOM! they crash and everything stops.
The cost of this might be a lot, however this solution to the devastation is the best yet.
This solution to the tornado problem really will work. Pretty much every family heirloom, or important essentials will be forever protected underground.
The plan is foolproof.
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