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Class Room Jump Start

Tom Nalepa

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of THINK....

As teachers it inevitably happens multiple times every day... Sometimes we're prepared for it.... sometimes we're not! My THINK:

Getting Class Started SITUATION,
Thought Process,
and Motivations: The chaos seemed to cause time to be wasted in class the class seemed... UN FOCUSED! So I thought to myself... 'Self, How can I make the beginning of class more prductive?' Way 1: Class Opener
Start class with a question
either from the material covered previously
or just a thoughtful one Way 2: Jump In
Immediately Start on the day's lesson
no time for chaos if we hit the ground
running Way 3: Test or Quiz
class must focus immediately
work on the quiz
then focused afterwards BUT, needless to say, this is useless if the class is not on time and seated.

So, I had to work on getting the class on time and ready to start whatever it was that we were to be doing in class that day ...And let me tell you that took some work, you might have to know my 6th hour to understand... Over the days... Weeks... And months, I molded the start of the class to how I thought classes should start I ended up using all three methods at different points 1. My focus class felt a little too chaotic, especially at the beginning of the hour At times the class would revert back to its orignal behavior at the start of class if I did not constantly keep them on routine... would I count my think as a success? Well, to be honest...
YES! and NO! I felt I achieved class control
The classes felt more productive
And more things could be included into the class BUT I sometimes missed the chaos!

points of interest were raised more
different viewpoints presented themselves
it was nice to get away from the pure subject matter at times to chat for me i'd recomend:
A Nice... Healthy... Mix! SO... YES! and NO!
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