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Stephanie Weiss

on 5 June 2017

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Transcript of VIDEO GAMES

nosey aren't you!
The First Video Game
The first recorded video game ever made was invented in October of 1958, by Willian Higin. It was a lot like the classic game Pong.
The Most Popular Video Game Series
The Mario series is the most popular, first appearing in the 1981 game Donkey Kong, and has since then gotten more and more spin offs and sequels.
Most Popular Video Game Genres
1.Role Playing Games (RPGs)
2.Sandbox Games
4.First Person Shooters (FPSs)
5.Open World
aps.org, gobankingrates.com, thetopten.com, gamestop.com, pcworld.com, quora.com, time.com, giantbomb.com, statista.com, digitpress.com.

Manny Tejeda

Most Expensive Video Game to Make
Destiny-in 2014 Activision spent $500 million to make and promote Destiny.
Least Popular Video Game
The least popular video game ever was E.T. the Extra Terrestrial by Atari in 1981

What was Nintendo's First Video Game?
In 1977 Nintendo released a hand held console with 6 pong-like games
What Was Sony's First Video Game Consule
Sonys first console was the Play Station 1, which connected to TVs. It came out in Japan on December 3rd in 1994
What Was The First TV Console?
In 1967 a German man names Ralph Baer made the "Brown Boy"
The Most Bought Console Ever
The PS2 (made by Sony) sold 157.68 million units, followed by the hand held console, the DS (made by Nintendo) with 154.88 million units sold.
How Many Video Games Have Been Made?
(An estimate)
There have been about 200,000 video games, including mobile games since 1958.
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