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Acronyms in History/Social Studies

No description

Nekenisha Brand

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of Acronyms in History/Social Studies

Acronyms in Texas History
Reference Page C
Reference Page I
Reference Page D
Costa's Level of Questioning Starters
Interactive Notebook (INB)
Right Side
Left Side
On the left side of your IN, explain how the left and right sides contrast.

Answer the following question on the left side of your IN. Why do you think questions are so important?
Reference Page J
What is this a map of?
Using the acronym, draw a map of your bedroom or of your neighborhood (include your home) on the left side of your IN.
*Make sure all components of TODALS are used.*
Reference Page G
Reference Page F
Using the acronym SOAPSTONE, analyze the images and then read the excerpt. Summarize your findings on the left side of your IN.
Use the acronym to analyze this chart. Summarize your findings on the left side of your IN.
Using the acronym, analyze the photos and excerpt. Summarize your findings on the left side of your IN.
Reference Page A
Reference Page B
Online Textbook Access
Reference Page H
Cornell Note Example
Why use Cornell notes?
Reference Page I
Who is the building principal of Humble Middle School?
A. Mrs. Martindale
B. Mr. Slack
C. Mr. Phipps
D. Mrs. Daniels
Reference Page E
Basic Map Rules
Why are following map rules important?
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