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How do plants and animals help each other?

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Mey-Lin Mau

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of How do plants and animals help each other?

How do plants and animals help each other?
1. What parts from animals does the squirrel use to make its nest?
2. What are two animals that build nests?
3. From where do animals get the materials they need to build nests?
4. Do you think it is a lot of work for these animals to make their nests?
1. How do plants protect an acacia plant?
2. Why do animals need shelter?
3. How does the acacia plant help the ants?
4. Why is the cardinal fish safe from predators?
Sometimes plants and animals help each other. Some animals get shelter from plants. These ants live inside an acacia plant. The ants protect the acacia plant from animals that might eat it.
helping each other
Some animals get protection from other animals. Cardinal fish live near sea urchins. The sharp spines of the sea urchin protect the fish. The fish do not help or hurt the sea urchin.
Some animals depend on plants and other animals to build nests. Some animals use parts of plants. Some animals use feathers or fur from other animals to build their nests.
Building nests
Look at the picture of the squirrels nest. Twigs and leaves are on the outside of the nest. Dried grass, bark, feathers, and wool are on the inside of the nest.
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