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"Milkweed" by Jerry Spinelli: Character Presentation

A photovoice presentation of four characters from the novel, "Milkweed"

Elizabeth Goodwin

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of "Milkweed" by Jerry Spinelli: Character Presentation

Characters from Milkweed
A photovoice presentation
by Luke K. and Rachael M. Misha Uri Janina Dr. Korczak Characters Janina is wide-eyed, innocent, and open-minded, like a doll. Janina becomes hollow on the inside. As Misha grows, she shrinks and loses the light inside of her. She is a dynamic, round character. Misha is like a mouse at the beginning. He is quick and small, but he also seems to move with no direction or purpose. Misha is like a ruler. He grows and changes over time. He learns how to be part of the Milgrom family. This image also represents the permanent scars that Misha has. Even though he grows, his past will always be part of him. He is the protagonist of the story. He is dynamic and round. The doctor is like an umbrella over all the orphans. He tries to protect them from the Nazi invasion of Poland. He also tries to extend that protection to Misha. Dr. Korczak is like a mountain. Through everything, he seems unmovable and focused on his task of caring for the orphans. In this book, he is a static, flat character. He doesn't change, but it's okay because he represents stability to Misha. Uri is like a big brother to Misha. He gives him a name, he creates a family history for him, and he protects him to the best of his ability. He seems wiser than the other boys in the group. In order to avoid persecution, Uri joins the Nazis. He still tries to protect Misha, even saving him from death. But, he's wearing an evil mask to protect himself. Uri is a round, dynamic character.
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