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Advertising With the Four Conditional Statements


Erianne Viray

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Advertising With the Four Conditional Statements

By Aliyah Sop, Erianne Viray, Jennifer Nguyen, and Johnny Phan Advertising and the Four Conditional Statements We've been asked how to create the strongest, most convincing advertisement that is truthful and powerful by the L ng Ad Agency. If you take apart any commercial and grind it down to the structure of it, you can find what's called the Four Conditional Statements. One of the best ways to advertise something is to go over the benefits, to go over what buyers will get in return. For example... Conditional:
If A, then B.
If NOT A, then NOT B.
If B, then A.
If NOT B, then NOT A. Conditional:
If you sleep early, then you'll wake up feeling well rested. We find the Conditional version of this statement to be the strongest after having tested the other three: Inverse:
If you don't sleep early, then you will not wake up well rested.
If you wake up well rested, then it means you slept early.
If you don't wake up well rested, then you didn't sleep early. Most of these statements are situational, and so we believe the conditional statement to be the most powerful, straightforward and believable. To prevent law suits, the Long Ad Agency has to use valid, truthful information. An example for this, using the Four Conditional Statements, would be: Conditional:
If your shape is a triangle, then it has three sides.
If your shape is NOT a triangle, then it DOESN'T have three sides.
If your shape has three sides, it is a triangle.
If your shape DOESN'T have three sides, it ISN'T a triangle. All four of these statements are valid. Celebrity Endorsing
Another great way to increase product purchases is to feature a well known face in the advertisement. By doing so, fans of the celebrity will be interested. Studies shows that people often buy products advertised by a well known face because they feel as if they can trust what the celebrity says and that the product will do what it claims it is able to. Using these three key concepts - valid information, the benefits, and celebrity promoting - the Long Ad Agency will most definitely succeed in creating better advertisements.
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