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A brief decription of how Quizlet functions

Ashley Amanambu

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of Quizlet

Created by Andrew Sutherland at the age of 17 by. Ashley Amanambu & Emberly Ramlochan So what is Quizlet? Quizlet is...
A Web 2.0 online learning tool Provides many advantages to people of all ages. Several study modes:
Familiarize Quizlet allows you to learn new language, including:
Japanese History of Quizlet How to Use Quizlet? That aims to make studying fun straightforward and more efficient. Disadvantages Advantages What is Quizlet? It was originally conceived in October 2005... But, was released to the public in January 2007. The goal was to make the set page more more visually appealing.

- The major change was made to the set page was to get rid of the Familiarize mode and build it right into the set page itself. This plan also gives the user the ability to create unlimited groups and no ads are displayed on the pages.

*Quizlet Plus costs $10 a year.*
Now to create a set follow these simple instructions: After you create a set you can decide to study it.
Quizlet also gives you the ability to create groups.
With all these different features, teacher can easily use this Web 2.0 tool to their advantage. *This means that you can share your sets with everyone else in the class (and they can share theirs with you).
Studying -Groups
-Motivation *This could be put to great use by, having everyone in the class each put in the vocabulary for one chapter.

*Then with little effort, everyone could study. Learn and Test are features that help identify and
pick up the key terms and their definition The Key Features are designed to help enstill the words and their meanings in your head The groups allow teachers to
overview what their student have
made progress in and if they are studing or not With Quizlet being multilingual
it enables student to seek a
new language and teacher to teach
it. It organizes It collaborates and allows big projects to be divided into smaller assignments It enables teahers to overview that their students are studying. It's a studying tool to help gain higher scores. It helps identifying and understanding key terms and their definitions in a gradual manner. The fact that it's a part of technology motivates people to want to study. Technology, today is what inspires the new generation
and a web tool that has games and also help you to study
is the key motivation The disadvantage:
It cannot help you with reserch, math, and other
highschool neccesities. Work Cited Features
You can access and downlaod the application to your phone, ipod etc. The app is called iReview It's easy to keep students organized and studying Because Quizlet is technology related it enables students to acutally want to do it Quizlet is quick, fast and simple...easy for the school life 1. Click ' Make Flashcards' below the Quizlet title.
2. Create a title.
3. Choose a category.
4. Type anything in the description box that is related to the set you are creating.
5. Create the terms of your choice.
6. Define the terms yourself or choose to use the 'auto define'.
7. Click 'Create Set'. To begin using Quizlet you first must create a username and password. Look to the upper right hand corner and click on 'Sign Up'.

Enter a username, password, email address, and the D.O.B., and agree to the Terms of Service, then click on sign up. First - you FAMILIARIZE yourself with the terms by looking through them. Then - you LEARN the material ; here you are to name the terms
Last - you TEST.
Last - you TEST.
*You can also familiarize and learn by playing the games offered to you.
Scatter, & Space Race. Here is how a stadardized Quizlet test looks like: Why It's Helpful Student's Advantage Some recently added features were:
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It’s basically the same game as “Space Race” instead of typing the term you say it. “Voice Scatter” is a fast-paced game for
matching the word with its definition. Both voice games require microphones and the permission to use it. What ELSE can you do with
Quizlet? Teacher's Benefit Groups Easy way to split up assignment
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