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on 22 March 2017

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Transcript of Parabola

The Defintion of Parabola
How do parabolas' work
If you want to focus multiple beams of the Sun's energy you could use a parabola to reflect the beams of energy in to one hotspot. This is one of the many uses of Parabolas'. This is why sonar and radar dishes are also uses for parabola.
Parabola and Parabolic Curves
A parabola is a curve where at any point it is an equal distance from:
A Fixed Point (The Focus)
A Fixed Strait Line (The Directrous)
Uses of Parabolic Curves
Some of the uses of parabola:
Satellite Dishes
Radar Dishes
Concentrating the Sun's rays to make a hot spot
The reflector on spotlights and torches
And much more

Parabolic Vocabulary
Directrix and Focus: One way to draw a parabola is you draw a line (The Directrix) and then take mesurements and make a ton of dots that are an equal distance from both the focus and the directrix and then connect the dots to make a parabola.
Magnifying Glass
Have you ever burned leaves in the sun with a magnifying glass? Well then you have used a parabola. The reason you can burn leaves is because the light and heat energy emitted by the sun is then concentrated in to a focus point that because it is more focused and has more energy in a single point than in a wide and less focused point even though they both have the same amount of energy.
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