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Time Capsule

No description

Kelly Linsenbigler

on 28 May 2016

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Transcript of Time Capsule

John Lennon from the Beatles was assassinated
Mark David Chapman shot Lennon 5 times and killed him on Dec. 8. 1980
The space shuttle The Challenger explodes.
On Jan. 28. 1986. 78 seconds after take off the ship explodes.
The O-rings malfunctioned on the one rocket causing the explosion.

Important Events of Today
April 20, 2010- Gulf Coast Oil spill
A sea floor oil gusher flowed for 87 days.
This happened when the Deep Water Horizon oil rig exploded and sunk.
May 1st, 2011- Osama Bin Laden killed
He was killed by the U.S navy SEALS.
Political Figure of the 80s
Ronald Reagan
He was the 40th president
He was president form 1981-1989
Reagan ended the cold war.
He also started Reaganomics
Political Figure of Today
Donald Trump
Trump is a candidate for president for 2016
He says once he gets elected he will close the borders so no illegal immigrants can get into our country.
Trump also says he will rebuild the military and take care of the nations Veterans.
New Technology in the 1980s
Personal Computer
it was the first computer people could have in their homes.
You could chose a black and white or colored screen
New technology Today
This is like a microphone that will remember even when it is turned off.
I think that now with this device people will no longer write things down they will just have these things remember them.
Music in the 80s
Eye of the Tiger
Their style is motivational. Also it has a rock feel to it.
Another famous song by Survivor is "American Heart Beat"
Important events of the 80s
Music of today
One artist from today is Beyonce
one song from Beyonce is "Run the World"
Beyonce's theme is very upbeat. It is usually about someone cheating.
Another song is "Halo"

Movies form the 80s
The Urban Cowboy
This movie is about a Cowboy who falls in love with a cowgirl but because of their views they end up breaking up due to their different views. He eventually wins her back after he wins a mechanical bull copetition.
Movies from today
A movie from today is Captain America : Civil War.
The new staus quo for the avengers divides the team. Captain american thinks superheros should stay free and iron man thinks they should be overseen by the government.
Television form the 80s
A television series from the 80s was Airwolf.
The theme of this series is army and helicopters. It was sparked by the success of the movie "Blue Thunder"
Television of Today
This series is about two detectives who investigate murder cases. They then assist the FBI in catching the murderer.
Fashion trends from the 80s
Denim Jackets
Big Hair with lots of hairspray
Fashion trends of today
Man Buns
Fun facts about the 80s
The murder rates in Miami were so high in the 1980s that the Medical Examiner rented a refrigerator trailer from burger king to hold the over flow of corpses
Fun facts about 2016
The calender for 2016 and 1994 are the exact same.
Time Capsule
Parachute pants to Man Buns

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