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Media-infused Learning Center

Fahrenheit 451 Digital Media in the Classroom

Margaret Giacalone

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Media-infused Learning Center

EDIM 508
Digital Media in the Classroom
Welcome to an American Literature learning Center on the novel Fahrenheit 451. As you work your way through the learning production about this novel, look for the following themes that should stand out: the repression of free thought through censorship, the need to value books, the loss of culture and history, the threat of new technology that deadens human experience, the need to satisfy immediate visual and sensory appetites, the value of genuine human interaction, and the value of the natural world. Agree or disagree? How does censorship effect learning ?
Discussion post in http://www.edmodo.com/
What does Ray Bradbury mean when he says, “things that you do should be things that you love and things that you love should be things that you do”? Share IT &
Blog It ! By Margaret Giacalone Introducing
Ray Bradbury!- http://wordpress.com/#!/read/topic/fahrenheit-451/ Share It &
Blog IT ! What are some of the laws or norms in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 that society must follow? Select one of the following questions and either create a wordle , or some digital tool as an embodiment without words.

1. Are there any circumstances where censorship might play a beneficial role in society?
2. Are there some books that should be banned?
3. If you had to memorize a single book or its extinction, which book would you choose? Write in your
blog post
a 300-400
word essay
answering the
question: Create a Glogster that encourages a society that promotes literacy.
http://www.glogster.com/ The Issue of Censorship and Fahrenheit 451 What would you change ? http://blabberize.com/view/id/912963 Standard Area- 1.2: Reading, Analyzing, and Interpreting Text
Grade Level- 1.2.10 Grade 10 English 11
2.10.A: Evaluate text organization and content to determine the author’s purpose and effectiveness according to the author’s theses, accuracy, thoroughness, logic, and reasoning.

1.2.10.B: Assess the accuracy of facts presented in different types of informational texts by using a variety of consumer, workplace, and public documents.

1.2.10.C: Distinguish between essential and nonessential information across a variety of texts and sources from all academic content areas, identifying bias or propaganda where present.
1.2.10.D: Analyze inferences and draw conclusions, citing textual support, based on an author’s explicit assumptions and beliefs about a subject.

1.2.10.E: Identify and analyze the structure and format of various informational documents and explain how authors use the features to achieve their purposes.
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