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Colonial Regions

No description

Nicole Dickerson

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of Colonial Regions

Colonies New England well-organized towns thin rocky soil & long winters meant only subsistence farming not large-scale plantations small businesses, mills, cottage industry, craftspeople with so many coastal towns, had shipbuilding, fishing, and trade most densely populated of the regions The That is... the thirteen ENGLISH colonies in NORTH AMERICA. Also... there were still FRENCH & SPANISH settlements in North America. England had OTHER colonies all around the world for centuries. Land that England has held as a colony at some point in history: Possession of North American Lands by the mid 1700s Middle fertile soil & milder climate meant larger farms - cash crops large port cities:
New York & Philadelphia (which were also the largest cities in the colonies) small businesses, mills, cottage industry, craftspeople many German immigrants & lots of cultural & religious diversity Southern rich soil & warm climate: well-suited for farming.
tobacco & rice were two main crops plantations- large farms producing cash crops... slavery became important to sustain this type of agriculture little industry: got manufactured goods from London merchants two different cultures developed: Tidewater & Backcountry South Carolina & Georgia - fastest growing economies in the colonies Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island
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