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Washington State History

No description

Patrick Mongrain

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Washington State History

Washington State History
Geography and Geology
Explorers, Natives, and Settlement
Units of Study
Geography and Geology
*Physical Features
*Geologic Formation
*Possible case studies: -Makah Whale Hunts
-Bretz Floods
-Geographic impact on life
Early European/American Explorers
Fur Trade
Lewis and Clark
Indian Tribes and life
Settlement - Oregon Trail

Exploration, Natives,
and Settlement
Natural resource economy (timber, fishing, etc)
Industrial Development
Hydroelectric Power
Washington and the Global Economy (Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, Etc.
Wolf Meetings (early government)
Current Branches, Leaders and Roles
Teaching Strategies
Readers Theatre

Action Strategies
Socratic Seminar
Philosophical Chair
Four Corners
8-minute debate
Pair Share
Class Discussion
30 second argument
Reading Writing
Common Core Focus

Informative text analysis
Determining key ideas
Analyzing primary sources
Citing textual evidence
Evaluate authors arguments and claims

Activities to support common core:
Basic Reading Strategies
Marking/Charting texts
Modified DBQ Poster/DBQ essay
Social Studies CBA
Vocab notebooks/visual vocabulary

Costa's Levels
Hot Seat
Seminar and Discussion Questions
Thinking and Questioning
See our website/policies sheet for online textbook link!

Formal Paragraph
4-step Summary
Informative Essay
Argumentative Essay
Academic Arguments
Academic Vocabulary
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