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ASSESS - June 2012

No description

Quality Unit

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of ASSESS - June 2012

To all Sheffield College Teaching staff!
Welcome to the second edition of ASSESS.
This issue builds on the first Assessment Bulletin in March 2012.

This edition continues to provide you with:
good practice
from both inside and outside the College, drawing on key information available on the Excellence Gateway, as well as internal information on the College's Teaching and Learning Toolkit. I also have information for you on a new Cross College assessment project (SHAPE), as well as some great assessment for learning tools from the tes website.
In addition to all the good practice examples, there is news, articles and updates from our partner
awarding bodies
, as well as
news, key info and updates
from the Quality Unit and other external sources.
have a number of key pages
relating to Assessment......
The ‘Bright Ideas’ Project
By now most staff will have heard of the 'Bright Ideas' project, or may have been involved in a Bright Ideas session. Devised by Andy Stork Teaching and Learning Facilitator, the project was developed primarily to capture and share good teaching practice from and between each department within the college. The Bright Ideas project:
• Allows teaching staff to think about, and document, their best practice and to consider what works best for them
• Share teaching best practice during Bright Ideas training sessions
• Access easy to use ideas, teaching methods and resources that colleagues are using in their delivery
• Encourages teachers to discuss teaching methods
• Enables the gathering of best practice which will be inputted into a database of easy access resources
Teaching and Learning Facilitators have been gathering good practice over the past few months, you may have attended one of the Bright Ideas sessions during the recent development days? In this section of the bulletin I will be highlighting examples of good assessment practice gathered from the Bright Ideas sessions run within college departments. This first example comes from Mike Wicksteed, Teaching and Learning Facilitator...........
Communicating with the Quality Unit
The Quality Unit welcomes your questions, views and good practice on all things
assessment. You can contact me directly on the details that follow, or alternatively
you can email our team via our
groupwise account.
The Quality Unit remit: "To ensure and enhance the Quality of The Sheffield
College in accordance with its vision, mission and strategic objective".
The Sheffield College Quality Unit

The Quality & Learning Enhancement Team consists of 8 core members of staff and additional posts seconded to the Quality Unit. Our remit is "To ensure and enhance the Quality of The Sheffield College in accordance with its vision, mission and strategic objectives". We achieve this through an extended team of Teaching and Learning Facilitators, Peer Support Mentors, Lead Internal Verifiers, Lesson Observers and you. Please find below a list of staff and their roles within the Unit.

Lesley Shepperson

AP Quality and Learning Enhancement
Maggie Carey

Quality Systems Officer
Emma Brace

Quality Assessment and Standards Officer
James Fenwick
Quality Learning and Enhancement Administrator
Joan Rudder
HE Manager
Sue Fletcher
HE Administrator
Claire Williams
HE and Quality Operations Administrator
Sue Mullins
Professional Development Manager
Professional Development support through the HR function:
Chris Phillips
Professional Development Administration Coordinator
Helen Hayes
CSO-Professional Development
Are you delivering EDI Qualifications? Creating a personal account on the EDI website is free...
For those staff working with VTCT qualifications, the VTCT website is informative and easy to navigate around....
The CACHE website includes key information for
assessment centres...

contact me
with any questions or comments for future bulletin content.
Tel: x 2135
Emma Brace
via Groupwise
Address: T612, Floor 6, City
3. Awarding Body Info...
4. News, key info and updates.....
2. Good Practice.....
1. Introduction
5. Keeping in touch...
thanks for reading!
Excellence Gateway; The Sheffield College T&L Toolkit; tes; SHAPE Project
Ofsted; CIEA; Edexcel QRD; NOS; TAQA

Qualifications; SEDA
The Sheffield College Assessment Bulletin June 2012
The Sheffield College Teaching and Learning Toolkit is now available on the College intranet and includes a section on Assessment.....
Have you looked at the Sheffield College Teaching and Learning Toolkit?
The toolkit contains best practice examples gathered from the recent Bright Ideas sessions run by College Teaching and Learning Facilitators. The easily accessible toolkit has been created for staff to be able to browse external links to good practice, as well as internal Bright Ideas, such as this example from Sport and Sport Science......
The tes website is a great way to search for inventive teaching and learning methods and practice.
One key resource is the AFL (Assessment for Learning) Toolkit
which has over 70 different activities, ideas or tools based around assessment for learning. The toolkit is easy to navigate and the
ideas are transferable across key stages and subjects. Here are three examples.....
Please note that you will have to create a tes account and login to the tes website if you wish to view resources.
But also provides you with regular EDI updates on Qualifications and information, like the recent EDI Qualifications Update for April 2012..... (accessible once you register on the website)
It is recommended that staff sign-up
to receive VTCT news and updates, which
includes regular VTCT e-bulletins.
To sign-up follow this link...
....such as
"A Guide to Assessing CACHE QCF Quals"...
...and the CACHE Centre handbook, which includes a key chapter on NQF Assessment and Moderation
Are you familiar with the The NOS (National Occupational Standards) for Learning and Development?
all available via

Are you a qualified Assessor? The new QCF TAQA (Teach, Assess, Quality-Assure) awards and certificates are designed for individuals who are involved in the assessment and internal quality assurance processes, or for those who wish to gain an understanding of the principles and practices of assessment and internal quality assurance without any requirement to practice.

The new awards and certificates are:
Level 3 Award in Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment
Level 3 Award in Assessing Competence in the Work Environment
Level 3 Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement
Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement
Level 4 Award in Understanding the Internal Quality Assurance of
Assessment Processes and Practice
Level 4 Award in the Internal Quality Assurance Processes and Practice
Level 4 Certificate in Leading the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice

If you are a qualified Assessor under the old "D" Qualifications, there is no requirement for you to complete a new Award or Certificate.
In March 2012 Edexcel visited the College to conduct their QRD (Quality Review and Development) visit.
Further to the College's visit, Edexcel produced a report on their findings, including excellent reports of good
practice as well as some actions for the College.

College highlights identified by Edexcel included ....
The high level of commitment by Lead Internal Verifier's (LIV's).
Significant progress towards a common approach to assessment across the College and PSA's.
The contribution to the quality of assessments that the Standards Moderation Days have made.
Excellent assessment and IV practice.

In order to address the suggestions and actions outlined by Edexcel in the report, the Quality Unit will be running a
dedicated LIV day on the 10th July. The day will include (but extend beyond):
An opportunity to further standardise all LIV practice
A review of assessment recording documentation
Compilation of a best practice LIV file
Development of best practice.

LIV's will disseminate the outcomes of the day to their teams.
Staff Development Days

The next Sheffield College Staff Development Days will run on the 16th and 17th July.
The 16th July will be a Teaching and Learning Conference for Teaching and Learning staff, whilst the 17th July is dedicated to Business Support.

Information will soon be circulated to all staff regarding the schedule and opportunities of each day. Look out for specific sessions relating to Assessment, such as Assessment Best Practice, which will be run by Howard Wilson from Edexcel (please note that this session will not be Edexcel specific).
SAR Actions
Please remember to review your QIP which will feed into your departmental SAR. If you have any queries or questions relating to completing and submitting your SAR update, please contact the Quality Unit via our Groupwise email account (
Examples of innovative practice to support learners to talk about their progress
Explanations and tools relating to assessment for learning
Key information via the Ofsted Good Practice Database
New Way of Delivering Apprenticeships......

Pearson Work Based Learning now offer BTEC Apprenticeships in a wide range of sectors. Many qualification areas within BTEC Apprenticeships would allow the practitioners to choose the best delivery model to suit their cohort, by offering flexibilities between portfolio assessment and onscreen testing

BTEC Apprenticeships also offer FREE Assessment Workbooks and Delivery Guides to support the delivery of the apprenticeship frameworks under SASE, the Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England. The Assessment Workbooks contain ready-made resources to support the apprentices through their entire BTEC Apprenticeship journey and help the practitioners to capture evidence through holistic assessment, across the competence, knowledge, ERR and PLTS components.

BTEC Assessment Workbooks are currently available for the following apprenticeship frameworks:
Business and Administration
Customer Service
Team Leading (Management - coming soon)
Health and Social Care
Children and Young People’s Workforce
Hospitality and Catering (coming soon)

And a demonstration of the resources can be arranged by contacting
or telephone 07982 969301
Course Reviews - reminder

Course review is an essential aspect of the self-assessment process and curriculum teams are currently updating their documents.

Please ensure that the following areas are updated:
- Attendance
- Progress
- Estimated success
- Recruitment
- Induction
- Initial Assessment
The SHAPE Project

This month sees the beginning of a new Sheffield College pilot project.
The SHAPE Project (Sharing High-Quality Assessment Practice Effectively) has been developed to
provide teaching staff with the opportunity to share and discuss examples of good assessment practice.
Initially the project will run four focus groups within four College departments. Although only four
departments will be involved in the pilot project, it is expected that all departments will eventually

SHAPE builds on the Bright Ideas Project currently being delivered by Teaching and Learning Facilitators
and aims to ultimately share good assessment practice.

Each session within departmental staff meetings will be conducted confidentially. Please note that these
sessions have not been created to test either performance or knowledge around assessment. Staff will be encouraged to share good practice examples to enable project facilitators to communicate good working
practice between College departments. Sessions will provide an opportunity for staff to discuss their own practice openly.

The sessions will be facilitated by myself and Katherine Sellars (Teaching and Learning Facilitator).

An update on the progress and next steps of the project will be communicated in the next Bulletin (September 2012).
The SHAPE Project

This month sees the beginning of a new Sheffield College pilot project.
The SHAPE Project (Sharing High-quality Assessment Practice Effectively) has been developed to provide teaching staff with the opportunity to share
and discuss examples of good assessment practice.

For more detailed information about the project, please see the News, Key Info and Updates section of this bulletin.
The HE Assessment/Exam Boards in June/July will be followed by the Annual Quality Review. Course leaders will receive the necessary documents from Maggie Carey (Quality Systems Officer).
HE Assessment/Exam Boards for June/July 2012 are as follows....
City & Guilds have recently developed their Recognition of Prior Learning Policy,
which will soon be available to download from their website.

RPL in a nutshell: Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a form of assessment which
makes use of evidence of a learner’s previous non - certificated achievements to demonstrate competence or achievement within a unit or qualification. Through the RPL process,
evidence of a candidate’s previous achievement (learning) is assessed against the learning
outcomes of a unit. The RPL process is relevant where an individual has evidence of having
previously learnt something but has never received formal recognition for it through a
qualification or other form of certification. RPL is one of many assessment methods
permissible in the QCF. Evidence obtained through RPL must therefore meet the same
rigorous quality criteria that other assessment methods must conform to. It remains
the role of assessors and quality assurance staff to ensure that evidence is: Valid, Authentic,
Sufficient, Reliable. The methods of assessment used will be determined by the assessment
strategy for the qualification being assessed but might, for example, include: products of
work, witness testimony, reflective accounts, professional discussion.
Recognition of Prior Learning Policy
City and Guilds are also running a number of events across the country, both subject and Assessment specific (as below). Please follow the C&G link for further details on the "Building Successful Partnerships" events
The NCFE June Newsletter is now available via
NCFE have also recently launched their NCFE Blog
The NCFE Blog – make your views heard!

Exciting news – today NCFE is launching our very own blog!

The NCFE blog will provide you with up-to-date information on NCFE, our qualifications, news from the sector, changes to funding and much more.

You can subscribe to the blog by entering your email address into the 'Subscribe' section – this means you'll be notified whenever there's a new post. If you choose to leave a comment on a post, or reply to another person's comment, you can then decide if you want to receive email notifications of any further posts/comments thereafter.

We'd love to hear what you think... so why not sign up and share your thoughts, comments and opinions?

Join the conversation online today!
Earlier this year, Ofsted conducted a consultation into amending
their inspection arrangements. In May Ofsted released their
“Responses to Ofsted’s consultation “A good education for all”
on further education and skills” detailing the evaluation of their
consultation exercise.
The following are key excerpts from the evaluation that relate
specifically to assessment:
Q1 Outcome: Outstanding teaching, learning and assessment

From September 2012 providers will need to demonstrate outstanding teaching, learning and assessment in order to be judged outstanding overall. This is in response to the consultation feedback which showed strong support to the proposal to only judge a provider as ‘outstanding’ overall if the quality of teaching, learning and assessment is also ‘outstanding’.

However, this does not mean that all teaching must be outstanding. There is no required proportion of lessons or training sessions that need to be outstanding for the provider to be judged outstanding for teaching, learning and assessment.

The grade descriptor for outstanding overall effectiveness will state that the contributory judgement on the quality of teaching, learning and assessment must be outstanding. The grade characteristics will be published as part of The handbook for the inspection of further education and skills.
For a copy of the full evaluation report please visit (page is as below)
Please note that the new proposals will commence from September 2012.
The Quality Unit has recently secured Corporate Membership with the CIEA (Chartered Institute for Educational Assessors)

The CIEA provide accreditation, resources, training and support for people involved in assessment.

-Accredits individuals against a national Professional Framework, up to the level of Chartered Educational Assessor
-Offers structured CPD opportunities and a wide range of resources, information and tools
-Has developed formal qualifications in educational assessment in partnership with higher education institutions
-Provides expert advice to policy makers on developments in assessment
-Acts as an advocate for assessment and assessors in public debate on educational reform
As Corporate Members The Sheffield College will soon be:

- Entitled to the use of the CIEA logo
- Able to access CIEA resources and expertise for all staff
- Able to offer a wider range of training

The training will either be bespoke, or involve one of more of the following:

- Chartered Educational Assessor (CEA) training for one or more staff
- Entry to post graduate diploma programme for one or more of your staff
- Accreditation of eligible staff as Members or Fellows of the CIEA, depending on seniority and experience
- Participation in training on general assessment skills for all relevant staff and assessment skills for managers for selected staff members

The next ASSESS (September 2012) will give details of how all staff can utilise CIEA resources and expertise.
Please visit the CIEA website for the latest CIEA Summer 2012 edition of their Assessment magazine
The learning & development suite of standards was produced in 2010 and has not been superseded. It was prepared by LLUK (Lifelong Learning UK) which was then the sector skills council responsible. LLUK has since been wound up by the government and its responsibilities in this area transferred to LSIS in April 2011.

These standards are those upon which the current TAQA assessor and quality assurance qualifications are based.

The standards can be accessed on the UK standards site at
SEDA is the professional association for staff and education developers in the UK, promoting innovation and good practice in HE
Dear Colleagues

Welcome to the second edition of ASSESS.

Our key objective is to work with you to raise the standard of teaching learning and assessment. The aim of this bulletin is to provide you with the latest information about assessment and establish a cross college assessment forum which allows you to discuss your hot topics and exchange ideas and concepts.

Teaching, learning and assessment continues to be a key theme in the new Ofsted Framework. As well as expecting students to ‘benefit from high expectations, engagement, care, support and motivation from staff’, the assessment focus will include:
The standard of feedback on student work; accuracy, consistency of marking, correction of spelling, grammatical errors and inaccuracies
Initial assessment and its use to set challenging targets for students
Student performance and progress and the monitoring of assessment practice; ensuring that it is timely, regular, fair, informative and reliable
Whether students understand how to improve their performance as a result of assessment feedback
How well assessment, verification and moderation procedures follow regulatory requirements
We have already seen some excellent practice in all of these areas. Please share your skills, thoughts and ideas with your colleagues and shout about them in the Bulletin.
We hope that you enjoy reading this and we look forward to hearing from you.

Lesley Shepperson
Assistant Principal Quality & Learning Enhancement
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