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College Night Class of 2017

No description

Susan Sachs

on 31 January 2017

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Transcript of College Night Class of 2017

The computer system that SKA uses to send transcripts and letters of recommendation to colleges

Set up your account ASAP at

Registration numbers are in your folder

Both schools have Israel programs that you may be interested in:
If you are eligible for federal or state financial aid,
you can use this money for your year in Israel

If you need to work out a payment plan for seminary,
you can do so through Stern or Touro

Going to Israel
Through Stern or Touro

College and Israel letters will be written by the College Guidance office for every student.

In order to do this, students and parents
must complete the following on Naviance:
Student Questionnaire
Parent Questionnaire
List of 6 teachers who will write “in-house” letters
on student's behalf
Most schools will require at least one, and sometimes two or three letters.
Check your schools' admissions criteria.

Letters of Recommendation

Typically about 500 -650 words
Write about something that you are passionate about
This is the your opportunity to show the admissions
committee something about you beyond numbers

The College Application Essay

Three Tests:
Evidence Based Reading and Writing
Multiple choice, based on passages, tables, charts, graphs
Words in Context
Writing and Language
Multiple Choice - read, find mistakes in passages, fix
Math - 2 parts:
Most multiple choice (78%) and Grid In (22%)
Algebra, problem solving, data analysis, geometry, trigonometry

Total Score
: 400 - 1600
Two Section Scores
: Evidence Based Reading & Writing - 200 - 800
Math: 200 - 800
Plus: individual test scores, cross test scores, subscores

Optional Essay

50 minutes
Read passage, explain how author builds an argument to persuade audience, support your explanation with evidence from passage
Optional Essay Score
: 3 scores (2 - 8) on reading, analysis and writing



Art Schools, such as FIT, Parsons and Pratt, require a portfolio

Music Programs will typically require an audition
Engineering schools, such as Cooper Union and MIT, require SAT Subject Test scores in math and either physics or chemistry, as well as 4 years of math and science classes.

Many Ivy League schools and other competitive colleges want to see 4 years of Math and 4 years of Science.

Always check your college websites for complete information!

Requirements for Specialized Schools

(regular Queens, Brooklyn, Hunter, Baruch, etc.)
Can be found at www.cuny.edu

Individual College Application
Stern, Touro, Rutgers, Maryland)
Can be found online at individual college websites such as:
www.yu.edu, www.touro.edu, www.maryland.edu

Common Application (for most private and public schools
such as Barnard, NYU, SUNY)
Can be found at www.commonapp.org

Coalition Application
Can be found at www.coalitionforcollegeaccess.org

Different Schools, Different Applications

Four year schools (Bachelor's degree) such as:

CUNY Schools (City University of New York)
Queens College, Brooklyn College, Hunter College, Baruch College, etc.
About $6,000 per year

SUNY Schools (State University of New York)
Binghamton, Stony Brook, FIT etc.
Price Varies, about $20,000 per year

Out-of -State State Schools
University of Maryland, Rutgers, etc.
Prices Vary for NY State resident, about $40,000 per year

Private Schools
Stern, Barnard, NYU, Brandeis, Parsons, etc.
Prices Vary, typically about $50,000 per
year and UP

Two year schools (Associate's degree) such as:
Queensborough Community College, Nassau Community College

Different Types of Colleges
Keep a separate email address just for college

Store college account information on your phone

Keep a College Folder
Include all user names, passwords, deadline information, receipts, admissions tickets, score reports

Don't wait until the last minute to do applications. Deadlines mean the LAST possible
date to get something in – you are strongly encouraged to complete applications early!

Be Organized!

College is not a prize to be won,
it is a match to be made
No two students are alike,
and the college application process for each student
will be individualized to meet each student's needs.


Class of 2018

College Night
and Breadth!

Be a

Immerse yourself in activities that you are passionate about:
If you have been in Production, become a Head
If you are interested in the sciences, think about a summer experience doing science research
If you love to write, consider an internship at a newspaper or magazine
If you are passionate about helping others, seek out community service opportunities
If you love art, think about an internship at a museum
If you love to learn, take a college course for high school students - most colleges offer courses in just about any subject

Extra Curricular Activities and Summer Experiences

This year, Queens College was looking for:
GPA: 80 on secular subjects
(English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign language)
SAT: Reading Subscore: 26*
Math: 530*
ACT: English: 20*
Math: 21*
*Plus, the total SAT Reading Subscore + SAT Math score (or equivalent ACT score) should equal about 1050 or higher when converted to "old" SAT score
Stern College is looking for:

GPA: 85
SAT: 1160 (EBRW and Math combined)
ACT: 24 Composite Score

This Year:

Four Sections plus Optional Writing Section
Composite Score - Average of the 4 basic sections
Highest possible Composite Score and Highest Possible score in each section: 36
– Sentence structure, grammar and usage, punctuation, rhetorical skills – NO Vocabulary
– Algebra, geometry, trigonometry (about 7% of questions)
- Measures reading comprehension

- Measures the interpretation, analysis, evaluation, reasoning, and problem-solving skills required in the natural sciences – presented with graphs, tables and asked to answer questions based on understanding of material presented.
Optional Writing Section
– 40 minute essay taken at end of test
Writing test score on a scale of 1-36 and four writing domain scores (Ideas and Analysis, Development and Support, Organization, and Language Use and Conventions), each scored on a scale of 2-12.



Standardized Test Scores (SAT or ACT)
Some competitive private schools and Honors programs require SAT Subject Tests or the optional Writing section of the ACT or optional SAT Essay

Letters of Recommendation
Extra Curricular Activities
Summer Experiences, Internships, Research, Leadership

What Colleges are Looking For

Each student will set up an account with Naviance to:

List the colleges applying to
Complete Junior Questionnaire
List 6 Teachers who are writing "in-house" recommendation

Parents will set up an account with Naviance

Complete Parent Questionnaire

All students applying to Common Application schools, as well as other schools
such as the University of Maryland, Cooper Union, Rutgers,
will send teacher requests for letters of recommendation through Naviance

Decision Types
Early Decision - binding!

Early Action/Priority - NOT binding

Restrictive Early Action - NOT binding. Early Action with restrictions as per school
Typically, applicants agree not to apply to any other private college/university under Early Action, Restrictive Early Action, Early Decision or Early Notification program. Applicants may apply to other colleges and universitits under their Regular Decision option. Check your college website for their policy.

Regular Decision - NOT binding
Score Choice
Score Choice is the opportunity for you to choose which SAT or ACT scores you would like to send to colleges

Not every college allows you to do this

Most do!

Check your college website for confirmation!

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