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Henna Khan

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Microbiology

An introduction in history and basic concepts Microbiology Ana Rehman and Henna Khan
Nova Southeastern University History The Bubonic Plague or Black Death (1346-1350) History History 1918 influenza pandemic or Spanish Flu (1918-1920) History - Viral disease smallpox once a leading killer.

- Franklin D. Roosevelt got struck with polio and died in office. About Question About Bacteria About About Gram Staining Differentiating between Bacteria Gram Staining Name 3 ways in which microorganisms
impact our daily lives? - In soil, air, water
- Outnumber human cells 10 to1
Staphylococcus - Illnesses and diseases
- Enter dangerously
Staphylococcus - Probiotics (found in yogurt)
- Aid digesting food- Decomposers Gram negative - pink/red color.
Gram positive- purple/blue color For Example:

E.coli is a gram-negative bacteria staphylococcus is a gram-positive In 1995, the first microbial
genomic sequence was
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