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Genghis Khan

No description

Alyssa Reece

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Genghis Khan

interesting Facts
It's not sufficient that I succeed all others must fail. -Genghis Khan
by Alyssa Reece
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Sometime around 1163 Temujin was born. At the age of 10 his father was killed by rival Tribesmen. At 14 he killed his half brother. Then at 16 he married his childhood wife Borte. In 1206 a council declared Temujin as 'Genghis Khan' which meant 'Oceanic Ruler of the Universe.' His first Conquered empire, was the chinese empire, his first success on spreading fear and worry through country's.









Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan was known for conquering humungous parts of central Asia and China. Genghis Khan forced people to spread fearful tales through the country about him or else he would use his war machine. Genghis Khan did not necessarily look to kill people, but looked for gaining wealth. while conquering, him and his army would kill the animals they traveled with and eat them.
Genghis Khan changed the world in different ways. For instance in Asia he changed their civilization and the way they lived. But he also changed the world because since the Mongolians didn't enforce any specific religion, dozens of religions spread across the continent. Genghis Khan, being the great leader that he was, had only the best wives. Because of this, researchers have found out that over 16 million men today are Genghis Khan's direct ancestors
Changing the world
places conquered
Mongolians were Nomads, living in yurts, which were lined with felt and made out of wood, and tee-pee shaped. Growing up he ate livestock, dairy products, and wild animals. When they were on edge of starvation they would drink the blood of their horses. A couple recipes he enjoyed were Boodog, and vegetable crepes.
Genghis Khan wiped out 40 million people
He also took out 700 million tons of carbon dioxide from the worlds environment
Genghis killed his half brother because of not sharing food

Some facts may not be true
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