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Technology in the Modern Class

There are many differnt ways to use the internet in the classroom. They can make class more enjoyable for both students and teachers alike.

Kelsey S

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of Technology in the Modern Class

Technology of the Modern Classroom School has always been pencils with paper, and a chalkboard for the teacher. It looked kind of like this... It has always worked.
The students have always
been able to learn, but is there
a better way? The students of today think that
is boring. They hate doing their work this way. What if their classroom looked like this? It is quicker, more accessible, and much more fun for everyone. There are many ways that the internet can be used to make
the classsroom a more organized place with a lot less papers. Web 2.0 Google Docs Twitter Flickr Cloud Computing Blogs Pandora Podcasts Online Bookmarks It is the Read/Write web You can read information on
the internet with Web 2.0, and
you can also interact and 'write'
on the internet Students in class
would no longer have to do worksheets and read out of their textbooks. They could just use Web 2.0 to do work and find information instead. It is an online site where you can post updates
about your life and other information in a 140 character post Twitter is a quick way for the teacher to quiz the students are at home. Instead of sending home a worksheet, the teacher could post a question or two on Twitter and the students could respond It is an online program for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. How many papers have students had to rush to finish typing at school? Then they had to print it and give it to you to edit and correct. With Google Docs they can work on it at home or anywhere with the internet. Then they can email you a link and you could edit it online. Glogster It is an online poster. Why should students have to carry a poster board to and from school for a project? Glogster is accessible on the internet, so you don't have to carry anything. You can also expand what you can do on a poster because it allows videos, graphics, etc. A place to store, organize, and share your pictures. Why do students have to write a report on the topic in class? Why can't they download pictures to Flickr and write captions and information about the topic? Technology in the Modern Class
Schools have always been pencil and paper,
worksheets and notebooks. Yes, students have always been able to learn and get good grades.... But times have changed... And so has technology... So why don't we use it in school? Web 2.0 The Read/Write Web Make the classroom an online interactive place for the students to learn. Glogster Online Posters Why make students carry around a poster board for a project when they could have a more interactive poster with links and videos online? Google Docs Online documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Accessible anywhere that there is internet Why edit and correct a printed copy when the students could use Google Docs and email you a link to edit their writing piece? Prezi Online presentation program. All those powerpoints? Use Prezi instead!! Twitter 140 character posts.. about life.. or.... How about students writing posts about the book they are reading for English class..? Facebook Social Networking Site Students could share research information, links to websites, photos for projects, and many other useful tools with one another. Cloud Computing
Gives you the ability to access documents, pictures, etc. from anywhere as long as you have the internet. Instead of having to carry around tons of papers and books, sites that are part of cloud computing would allow students to access their work online at home. Flickr A place to store, organize, and share pictures. Why have them write a paper about a historical place or event when they could use pictures and captions to describe that place or event? Pandora Internet Radio Very few students truely enjoy arts and humanities class... What if they could create their own radio station that played Mozart's music? That would be a much more fun way to learn about an 'old dead composer'. Podcast Digital Media file avaliable on the internet Students could find Spirituals and Folk Songs, Classical music and Rock music. They could learn how music ties into other things from a certain time period. They could also see how music has evolved.
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