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Paul Derix

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of WORD ORDER:

Or: where in the hell is Carmen Sandiadjective
Why did I use this prezi template?
What will this presentation be about?
What must I already know to understand this?
Will my sentences always be beautiful perfect flowers when I use these rules?
Word order: the basics!
The word order with questions
Go to www.reddit.com/r/askreddit
Pick any topic there
Write a reply to one of the topics (in a word doc) the top line should be a link to the post you are replying to
Send it to my e-mail. The file name must be: [name] [class] [wordorder].docx
I will look mostly at your word order
Use at least 4 sentences! separated with a dot.
The exceptions to the rule
Place + time can also be at the START of the sentence, but the order stays the same (for the rest of the sentence)
Yesterday I quickly drank 3 gallons of Mountain dew
Verbs (like bros) stick together
I WILL CALL your mother tonight
They can only be separated by adverbs
I SHOULD ALWAYS CLEAN the crimescene
Eurasia HAS ALWAYS BEEN at war with Oceania
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