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Final complete copy.

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Chi A

on 21 April 2016

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Transcript of Final complete copy.

Come To The Georgian Bay, It's The Place To Stay. With Lots Of Attractions, This Is Where The Fun Happens!
Main activities:
About The Georgian Bay Islands:
The Georgian Bay Islands is a beautiful place filled with a bunch of wildlife. We encourage you all to come visit this specific national park because it has amazing scenery for incredible photographs. In the Georgian Bay Islands you can do many activities that you can't do in your average city so why not be adventurous and explore the outdoors. The price to enter is incredibly inexpensive and affordable. It's a place where you can be relaxed and motivated. It's a place where you can be inspired and appreciate nature, wildlife, and the scenic shores around you. Lastly, it's a place where families can bond and make amazing, precious and long lasting memories.
The Georgian Bay Islands has a moderated climate because of it location on the Great Lakes Basin. In the Boreal Shields Ecozone, there are long winters (-15 degrees) and there are short summers (17 degrees). The precipitation is 400 to 1000mm. The growing season is 130 to 190 days.

In The Georgian Bay Islands, the soil is heavily leached, it contains bare rock and its found in swampy areas. The Georgian Bay is a home to both the northern and southern species of plants and animals. In the spring, a variety of birds sweeps into The Georgian Bay Islands with a burst of colour and noise. In the summertime pink, yellow and purple wildflowers decorate the park, yielding centre stage to the hardwood forest, which flames with brilliant reds and yellow in autumn. Also in the summer, it's a time of stunning contrasts at The Georgian Bay Islands. When the sun brings out the richest colours of the landscape it's when it's at it's finest. On sunny days, the Bay's cobalt waters form a striking counterpart to the light blue of the sky which makes it look vibrant and clear. All in all, The Georgian Bay has a remarkable landscape.
Human and Natural Characteristics:
The main activities in the Georgian Bay Islands are hiking, walking, fishing, geocaching, photography, camping, and swimming.
The landform region for The Georgian Bay Islands is the Canadian Shield. The Canadian Shield is billions of years old and it is 480,0000 square kilometers. It is the largest landform region in Canada. The shield underlies much of Canada such as Quebec, Ontario, Newfoundland, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories. The two types of rocks that form most of the shield are igneous and metamorphic rocks. The Canadian Shield used to be mountains but is now rounded and flatter due to erosion.
Map of Georgian Bay Islands:
In the Georgian Bay Islands, you can encounter a huge variety of animals. A type of animal you can see is the eastern massasauga rattlesnake. The massasauga is shy and non-aggressive by nature and it's rarely seen in the wild due to its cryptic colouration and ability to camouflage. When feeling threatened the massasauga will rattle its tail as a warning. If you have the chance to encounter one, it's best to give it space and leave it be. There are also wild black bears which visit the islands through the warmer months searching for food. Generally, they prefer to avoid humans although food left unsecured can attract them.
The type of vegetation found in The Georgian Bay Islands/ Boreal Shields is Coniferous (black spruce, white spruce, Jack pine, balsam fir) mixed with deciduous (yellow, birch, sugar maple, black)
The Boreal Shield ecozone is the largest ecozone in Canada. The Boreal Shield covers 1.8 million square kilometres which is almost 20% of Canada's landmass. The provinces located in the Boreal Shields is Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Newfoundland.
About the Boreal Shields:
Thank you for listening to our presentation. Hopefully, one day you are able to visit The Georgian Bay Islands!
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