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Family Tree

This is a overview of the Shepard family tree

Adrian Shepard

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Family Tree

Welcome to the
Shepard Family Tree Hello, my name is Adrian Shepard and I am the eldest of three brothers. Born in Yorkshire I first went to school in Boston Spa. Dad's work then took us to Leicestershire and the Gloucestershire. I graduated from Southampton University in Physics (yes that's me with the mustache) before moving to London and starting my first job with the BBC. But enough of me, this is about my ancestors. My parents are Margaret and Peter.... Adrian Shepard Born in Yorkshire in 1961 Yes, I am half Scott and half Yorkshire, but hopefully with none of the generosity removed.
1927 - Peter was born and brought up in Hull.
1940s - evacuated during WWII to a lovely named farming village called Wetwang, where he learned to drive a tractor.
1946 - Peter was called up and sent out to India with the RAF to carry out Admin duties.
Demob'd, Peter joined Horsley Smiths, selling timber. He continued this career in Timber until he retired, finally working for Magnet Southerns managing their timber import operation at Hull docks.
Peter met Margaret through a mutual friend and were married in 1959. They bought land and built their own house together.
1960's Peter loved flying and went on to get his Private pilots license and held an officer rank in the ATC. Peter Shepard Born in Yorkshire in 1927
Died in Yorkshire 2005 Margaret Shepard Born in Glasgow in 1926 Sydney Sherburn
Shepard Born in Hull in 1889
Died in Hull 1950 Ella Bayes Born in Beeford in 1890
Died in Leeds in 1968 1889 Born in Hull
1911 Census, Sydney is a 'Brass Finisher'
1914-18. Sydney worked on manufacturing ammunition during WW1 at Shiphams in Dairycoates Hull, hence wasn't called to fight.
Sydney sang in Church choir as lead Tenor, first in St Barnabas then St Nicholas Church on corner of Pickering Road. He probably met Ella through the choir at St Barnabas
1915 Sydney Married Ella at 8am on Sunday morning, as it was war time, at Cherry Burton Church. Effie (Ella's sister) was bridesmaid age 3.
1920 Sydney wasn't a particularly quiet man. He was a good sportsman - he played bowls a lot. There is a little silver cup with Sydney Sherburn Shepard Captain for Pickering Park bowls. Sydney was also a good swimmer, he often went to the baths on Sunday.
Later, Sydney got into running Laundrettes with Ella's brother Billy.
1950: Sydney died from lung cancer, he smoked at home, but not at work. "Sydney always wanted a barometer, he got a barometer the Christmas before he died. He was thrilled with that barometer!! He was so thrilled and he was very poorly, and so thrilled he shed a tear and he had to gasp with pain" Joseph Green
Shepard Born in Lymington in 1839
Died in Hull 1903 Mary Carling Born in Ripon in 1849
Died in Hull in 1917 1839 Born in Lymington Born in Ripon in 1843
Died?? Jane Flood
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