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Informational Paragraph Frames

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Miranda Thorne

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Informational Paragraph Frames

by Miranda Thorne Informational Paragraph Frames What is it? When to use? How to use? Point: Retelling improves comprehension. Tool children can use to retell the story.
used to review and reinforce specific content
see different ways authors organize information to share with the reader. Mini Lesson Activity Pout Pout Fish
Place the words in the correct spot
Read aloud and act them out My Background Never heard of it before (used it or seen it).
Guided notes.
I would like to use this in my classroom with younger students. Create a paragraph frame that corresponds to the organization of the details in the passage to be read.
Assign reading
Have volunteers retell what they read
Present paragraph frame and have students fill in missing information. To be used during and after reading to review/reinforce content
In which a topic is introduced and followed by its attributes. 5 Types of Frames In which a topic is introduced and followed by details that need to be presented in an order In which an event or act and its effects are described In which the similarities and differences in two or more things are presented in which a problem is presented followed by one or more solutions Description Sequence Cause/effect Comparison/contrast Problem/solution
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