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Why People Should Stop Littering

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Victoria Sison

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Why People Should Stop Littering

Why People Should stop Littering By: Victoria Littering is BAD If you litter it can harm.....
- are health, safety and welfare
- the wildlife
-the quality of the EARTH. What will happen if we litter too much? If we litter to much garbage will pile up and will grow a harmful bacteria which would make us sick. Also the litter will flow in rivers then out into the ocean. The litter gets mistaken as food to the animals, so they end up eating it and dying to extinction. We shouldn't litter We have to stop littering or else we would be living in garbage, trapping/killing animals and harming the EARTH. Thank you! What we can do to help -We can recycle
-We can pick up the litter and throw it in the trash
-We can compose fruits and vegetables Thank you again
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