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Career number 1- Asher Hall

Aerospace engineer was the first career I chose

Asher Hall

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Career number 1- Asher Hall

Aerospace Engineering Professional workers in an aerospace industries MUST have a college degree. most production workers need some form of postsecondary vocational training. Employment growth will be limited by productivity movements and the continueation of making products in other countries To be an Aerospace Engineer, you have to have a bachelors degree in engineering and degrees in math and science can buy you certain jobs in the company and at just about any college is a place to earn the proper education The average salary of an Aerospace engineer is $79,100 per year In 10 years the company may be the same but without a doubt the tools will be better, the technology will be more advanced and maybe there will be more tests because of advanced shuttles The highest demand in aerospace engineering would probably be NASA because thats where the United States space craft and other aircraft is designed and sometimes launched customers for Aerospace industries are people or governments that purchase aircraft, such as our United states army business partners with aerospace industries would be airports and also our army job responsibilities for an Aerospace enhgineer are designing, developing, and testing aircraft, missiles and vehicles to oversee their production of these. They often specialize in one vehicle such as passenger planes, helicopters, or rockets. In case you didnt know, Aerospace engineers are commonly known as rocket scientists By: Asher Hall
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