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Highway Across Africa

No description

Rebecca Alvarez

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Highway Across Africa

Highway Across Africa
By: Angie M. & Rebecca A. & Dragon V.
The rejected route of Africa had many problems with it. First off, the physical geographic reasons. Many habitats have almost extinct wild life and could cause few variety of animals and low living generations. Also the highway can cause extra damage on arid land and/or rainforests, & other landforms.
Rejected Route
The human geographic reasons against the rejected highway have created border disputes causing conflict among relating countries. Also, land has become more arid and de-forestated causing low income and dropped the agricultural industry of the economy.
Rejected Highway
Another reason is that border disputes have caused conflicts between the people and its own government. These conflicts raised racial discrimination, riots, war, terrorism, and more chaos among civilians.
Rejected Highway
We chose this route because most countries are on the lower developed side. If they contribute to creating it, the route can help increase economic opportunities. Also, these countries are calm and aid other nations.
Proposed Highway
Proposed Route
Some other reasons why we chose this route is because it is reliable because it's located almost all on the coast, which means easier access to trade routes, trains, agriculture, and more.
Proposed Highway
This route has many culture advantages. It connects cities that have different languages, arts, religions and customs, which can result in cultural diffusion creating variety among other countries.
Proposed Highway
Many of these countries are oil-rich nations. Some have great tourism aspects resulting in higher income. The agriculture industry thrives on countries' fruits, grains, and vegetables. These are some of the reasons of why this is the route to choose.
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