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EDL/531 Coaching Plan

Benchmark Assessment for EDL/531

Nicole Winsley

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of EDL/531 Coaching Plan

Nicole L. Winsley Coaching Plan for Mr. Alonso Rodrigues Kelsey High School: General Information Initial Meeting with A. Rodrigues Kelsey High School provides a massive amount of programs and opportunities for ELL and special education students. Current enrollment for Kelsey High School is approximately 2,000 students. Based on the conversation Alonso and I had, I realize that Alonso has a high regard for ESL and ELL students. He feels that the curriculum currently adopted at KHS does not cater to this demographic. Therefore he states he does spend more time with ESL/ELL students. He states he will do whatever is necessary to make sure this student demographic receives the best education they can so they can be successful.

When we spoke regarding the parent concern, Alonso disregarded the situation. He focused on the fact that the student was an intelligent student and that a student who was struggling needed his help more.

Alonso did admit that he does not colloborate as much as he should. He feels that the other teachers are not as invested in the ESL/ELL student population. When asked about creating a proposal to change the district's English Immersion policy, Alonso admited that it was not high on his priority list and that he try to find another way to still use multiple languages in class without permission. Post-Initial Meeting Reflection.... Goal #1: Assist Alonso with becoming comfortable with collaborating with faculty members and administrators.

Goal #2: Discuss and create ways for Alonso to include and differentiate learning for all his students Native Language Learners and ESL/ELL learners.

Goal #3: Provide insight and support as Alonso creates a proposal to add an addendum to the Kelsey School District English Immersion policy so that it benefits ELL/ESL learners mores.

To hold both parties accountability a Coaching-Mentor Partnership will be created and signed. Mentor and Coaching Goals for N. Winsley Met at local Chick-fil-A for initial meeting. Discussed Mr. Rodrigues's: Passion for teaching
His concerns in his classroom
His relolution regarding the parental concern
His plan for changing the District Immersion Policy
How he feels about having a mentor
His overall opinion of this performance at KHS.
His feeling towards colloborating with other faculty members KHS EDL/531 March 18, 2013 Analysis of A. Rodriguez Alonso Rodrigues is a multi-lingual 10th World Literature and Composition teacher. Having grown up in a bi-lingual household, his passion is seeing ESL and ELL students learn and master the English language.

Mr. Rodrigues uses the district adopted curriculum and program to create lesson plans each week. Mr. Rodrigues has students maintain a completed and subjective portfolio. Students have performed consistently well on citywide assessments.

Mr. Rodrigues displays excellent classroom management skills with appropriate rewards and consequences. Areas of Concern Issue #1 - Use of other languages other than district approved language. Issue #2 Certain students feel Mr. Rodrigues feel that Mr. Rodrigues caters to ELL/ESL students. Issue #3 Parents and community members contract Mr. Rodrigues to notify and request he settle off campus altercations between students. Action Plan for A. Rodrigues Planning and Preparation Fostering Learning Environment Continuing Professional Growth Re-structure current lesson plans that increase differentiation based on learning and language levels of all students not just ELL and ESL students. Create before and after-school tutoring to assist struggling ELL and ESL students. Adopt lesson plans that are designed to maximize instructional time and increase authentic engagement and learning of all students at all learning levels. Structure and maximize class time so that time and attention is given to all students regardless of language and learning aptitude. Lead a professional development session where you discuss strategies for reaching ELL and ESL learners. Create a proposal to present to Kelsey District Offices that proposes a change to the District's Language Immersion Policy. Coming to Closure A litmus will be created to determine if closure of mentoring relationship is necessary. Sample Closure Litmus Test
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