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No description

Genesis Huerta

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Bully

Filmmaker: Lee Hirsch, born in 1972.
He was a victim of bullying, increasing his credibility (ethos).
"I felt that the hardest part of being bullied was communicating."
Film: Released in March 2012
Filmed over the course of 2009-2010 school year
5 totally different students were filmed because they were being bullied, recording how this affected their family and how the administrators took it.
Purpose #2

Purpose #1
Bring attention to the dangers that bullying is causing.

Issue: These victims are being bullied and its causing consequences from not being able to communicate properly to suicide.
All schools; Elementary, Intermediate, Middle and High schools
Specifically school administrators
Parents of possible victims or possible bullies
Witnesses of bullying (other students, police etc.)
The argument was effective!
By: Lee Hirsch
1. Bring attention to the dangers that bullying is causing
2. To convince people that they can do something about bullying
3. Stop/ Reduce bullying

To convince people that they can do something about bullying
Issue- The school isn't really "fixing" the issue
Alexis Gonzalez, Karen Moya, Genesis Huerta
-Bullying is the greatest common violence in America
-Nationwide problem
-A kid in school was crying while he was holding his head saying that the bully pushed him into a nail

- Alex is on the bus, while the "bully" is punching his back, forcing him to sit somewhere else
"I always think my son well walk through that door again, but i know that's not true."
"Schools don't care and aren't doing enough to prevent/stop bullying"
Purpose #3
Stop Bullying
Issues: Bullying is increasing while no one is speaking up against it
Danger of suicide
Tyler, the first victim of bullying presented, decided to end his life because he was sick and tired of his horrible daily routine of being tortured.
His parents are wanting their voices heard before another tragic thing happens.
Creates a guilty and sad feeling in us
Danger of self harm & miss communication
"I was a cutter... I tried to commit suicide 3 times." A lesbian girl, Kelby admits.
"He had a target on his back" (Also a simile) says the father of Alex after finding out his son was being bullied on the bus, since his son never told him anything.
Dangers of harming others in revenge
The victims repeated several times that "it goes so far that I want to become the bully."
"I couldn't stand it anymore"
Ms. Jackson's daughter, Michelle, was tired of people bullying her so she brought a gun to school and scared them off. Then had to be in a juvenile detention center.
-Provides examples of bullying:
-Demonstrates the dangers of bullying
-Provoked emotion such as sympathy and pity for the victims
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