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AS BUSS2 Revision Quiz

Key terms revision quiz for BUSS 2 Business exam

Holly Reynolds

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of AS BUSS2 Revision Quiz

Q1 What is a chain of command?
Q2 Name two types of organisational structure(1 point each)
Q3 State the formula for labour turnover.
Q4 What is absenteeism?
Q5 What is a job description?
Q6 Name two methods used in the selection process of recruitment (point for each)
Q7 Name the theorist who had a hierarchy of needs
Q8 What does empowerment mean?
Q9 What is an operational target?
Q10 The formula for unit cost is?
Q11 What is buffer stock?
Q12 What does TQM stand for?
Q13 Name 2 ways to monitor customer service in an organisation (point for each)
Q14 What is a strategic good and what are commodities? (Point for each)
Q15 Technology can assist businesses- What does CAD stand for?
Q16 Name one section on the boston matrix
Q17 What does niche marketing mean?
Q18 What is price skimming?
Q19 What does PED Stand for?
Q20 What is an oligopoly?
Buss 2 Revision quiz answers
Q1 Lines of authority in a bussines
Q2 Hierarchical, Matrix or Entrepreneurial
Q3 Labour tunover = Number of leavers per year/ Average number of employees per year
Q4 Absenteeism =Number of working days lost through an employees deliberate or habitual absence from work
Q5 A summary of the main duties and responsibilites
Q6 Interview, presentation, work samples, assessment centre, psychometric tests
Q7 Maslow
Q8 Give people authority to make decisions in their job role
Q9 A target with a specific and measurable objective
Q10 Unit cost = Total cost/output
Q11Buffer stock is stock held in reserve for unusual peaks in demand/delay in delivery
Q12 Total Quality management
Q13 Surveys, focus groups, online feedback
Q14 Strategic goods are vital to the companies success and may come from a selected supplier, commodities are more common and can be purchased at a number of suppliers
Q15 CAD = Computer aided design
Q16 ? /Problem Child, Stars, Cash Cow, Dogs
Q17 Marketing to meet the needs of a small group of customers
Q18 Price skimming = Enter the market at a high price to attract early adopters and recoup R and D costs
Q19 PED = Price elasticity of demand
Q20 An oligoploy is a market with a few dominant firms in fierce competition.
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