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Hero's Journey

No description

Caroline Shen

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Hero's Journey

The Ordinary World Road of Trials: Hero's Journey Caroline Shen Separation The Call to Adventure: Aaron’s village used to depend on the Crystal River they lived near by, but the river was cursed by the Mother of the Water because of a mystery that happened in 10 years ago. It became black and stinky and was renamed as the Dark River. Ten miles within the Dark River was unsuitable for the village's daily use. Meeting the Mentor Crossing the Threshold Initiation Return Approach The Ordeal The Reward The Road Back The Resurrection One day, Aaron's neighbor Davin accidentally revealed that the Dark River was caused by his dad. He started to wonder why his mom never brought up anything about his father. His mom's rejection on talking about the subject just evoked his curiosity more. Somehow deep down inside of his heart he felt obligated to find out the truth and bring back the Crystal River. This happened in ancient China a long time ago... Aaron's house (While Aaron is in the kitchen):
Davin: Today is Jack (Aaron's father)'s birthday, that's why you are not as happy as usual when I came over for lunch, am I right? Zoe (Aaron's mother): Don't bring it up. Aaron might be listening. I don't want him to know anything about the tragedy. Davin: He is going to find out eventually and you know that as well as I do. Why don't you just tell him the truth? What's the big deal? It's neither of you guys' faults. Zoe: Davin, please just stop. I don't want the past to be in the way of my kid's future. Davin: Fine, fine. You do whatever you feel
comfortable with, I have no right to say anything! Zoe: Sorry, Davin... I just, I already lost Jack. I'm afraid of losing Aaron too.
In the witch's cave:
Aaron: Is there anyone here?

Aaron: A secret has puzzled me for a while,
and I am here to ask for some help. Hopefully, you have the answer to my question.

Aaron: I want to know the reason to my dad's death. Apparently, it is related to the Dark River. Why did Crystal River become Dark River and why did my father die? Did he cause the Dark River?

Aaron: What??? My dad is not dead? Then, then where is he? Is he safe? Wait, but how could he still be alive? Why isn't he with mom then?

Aaron: Fair enough, nothing is free. Challenge is accepted, but what exactly do I have to accomplish?

Aaron: I will, thank you! Witch: What's the matter, young man?

Witch: Then I will have to know what has puzzled you so much that you boldly stepped into the cave by yourself.

Witch: Slow down, you curios poor little boy and who told you that your dad was dead?

Witch: Well, you will find out, the thing is you will have to complete a journey before knowing everything you wanted to know.

Witch: I admire you courage! You will no regret your decision, trust me young man.
You will see... Now you will have to go on a journey and to help you along the way, I've got this little elf named Tiny to give you useful help. Oh, here he is! Also, this ring will assist you with supreme power when emergency occurs. And now, you are on your own. Go explore to the east. Your gift from me will guide you through barriers, and be sure to come back safely. Good luck and bring good news back! Aaron officially started his journey with Tiny towards to the east after secretly packing everything and leaving a note to his mother. He swore that he would bring the clear water back to his village again so all the villagers wouldn't have to carry water from ten miles away from the village, but as Tiny and he walked further and further, they encountered dryer and dryer weather conditions and finally found themselves trapped in the dessert. Aaron: Tiny, you sure this is the right way to find the crystal balls? Well, at lease it does not seem like the right path to me! Why didn't I realize earlier that we were in the dessert? And now we are lost! Tiny: You can decide if you want to turn around or not. I will always respect your decision. Aaron: No, I will have to find my dad and bring clean water back for my villagers. Tiny: Then I believe this is the right way. Aaron: Alright, but do you know exactly where we are heading? Wait a second. Look at that, Tiny, is that what I think it is? Tiny: Yep, a sand storm, but that is exactly where we are heading into? This is your last chance to stop the journey, you sure you are ready for all the difficulties ahead of you? You are very likely to die in this sand storm, and this is just the first step. Aaron: Don't ask me the question anymore, I am a hundred percent sure. Let's just keep walking! They kept walking and encountered a sand storm. Aaron started choking really badly, and
just as he thought he was about to die, the forest suddenly appeared in front of him. He had underwent the first test and they were now really in the fantasy world. Meeting with the goddess: As they kept on walking, Aaron suddenly heard a girl crying and they saw a very pretty girl behind the tree. The girl's name was Ruth and she told them that she was dumped by the salve seller, but she didn't give out the reason as soon as Aaron asked her why she was dumped in the forest. The second Aaron turned around to take some medicine out of his bag, the girl turned into a fox Aaron met a pretty girl in the forest lied and said she was dumped by her parents and just as Aaron was getting some medicine from his backpack, she turned into a fox with fire , but he eventually killed the fox with his power using the kung fu he started learning when he was little and fire crystal ball appeared in the middle of the fire when they were burning the corpse.
Tiny asked Aaron to jump into the fire to catch the fire crystal ball and he would be transferred into the underwater world, but Aaron was afraid of water because he had never get closed to the Dark River or any other bodies of water since he was born. In the end, he overcame his fear and found the water crystal ball with success.
At night, Aaron and Tiny stopped at a town hotel and a rumor had it that there was a baby-eater in the town. They decided to figure out who was actually taking the infants away.
He found out that it was actually a snake that always sneaked in town at midnight and sucked new-born infants blood to help it become a human. When gathering the information, he met two friends around his age called Johnston and Tiffany. They told him that the perfect timing of killing the snake would be when it was sucking the baby's blood because it was most concentrating on the process and unlikely to notice anything around. Their siblings have just been taken by the snake the night before. They both have been learning kung fu for years and joined Aaron in the battle.
They won the battle and successfully brought back four infants including Johnston and Tiffany’s little siblings, but some weird things have also happened. The three of them all had some minor injuries from the battle, but Aaron’s injuries were recovered within hours. Tiffany was upset because whenever she got too closed to Aaron, a force would always back her out into meters away. Anyway, Johnston and Tiffany both decided to join and help Aaron to complete his journey in return of him helped saving their siblings. Together with Johnston and Tiffany—two of Aaron’s new allies, Aaron and Tiny were ready for their final challenge in this unbelievable world. Under Tiny's guidance, they continued their journey. They walked into another village. There, the whole village was suffered through hunger and the young kids had severe malnutrition. An old lady told the kids that all the middle-age men from the village were captured by a devil in the passed two weeks, she sensed some misfortune would attack the village soon. Aaron suggested that they stayed till the misfortune came and figure out what really was happening to the village. Tiffany and Johnston agreed. They researched about the cause as they were waiting. Finally, a huge group of zombies crowded into the village. Johnston discovered one way to stop them from noticing him and that was to hold breaths. Tiffany realized that whoever wore red were like invisible to the zombies. They used the weaknesses of those zombies and ran through all the zombies. They eventually found an underground cage with the original mother zombie and the devil who turned her were just feeding her blood. The devil's plan was to sart from this small town, gradually control the whole region step by step, but he was ticked off by the fact that the kids found them found him so easily. The devil released the most powerful mother zombie out of the cage to bite the kids. Surprisingly, the mother zombie didn't have any weaknesses that the normal zombies had. After many hours of battling against mother zombie and the devil. The three kids exhaustively killed the mother zombies, but in the end, the devil smash his sword against Tiny's little body and Tiny was severely injured. The kids panicked and the devil took advantage of the occasion and stabbed the sword into Aaron's stomach. Aaron tried to stop the blood by pressing his stomach and the blood filled the "HELP" letters on the ring. Johnston and Tiffany successfully assaulted the devil from the back. Aaron passed out on the floor after seeing the devil's death and the ring suddenly disappeared and turned into a beautiful fairy. The fairy asked Tiffany and Johnston to carry both Aaron and Tiny without hesitation. After 5 days of concentration on healing Aaron and Tiny, the fairy was exhausted and unable to save both of them using only her limited power. Tiny begged the fairy to save Aaron first after knowing the sad truth and eventually died of the severe injury.
When Aaron woke up after a week, the first news he heard was the death of Tiny--his best friend on the journey, he wasn't able to accept the truth and burst out crying and for a long time. The fairy explained everything to him and helped him walk out of the sadness. Finally one time, he acknowledged that there was a witch living in a cave in the forest not far away from the village he lived in. He lied to his mom that he would have a sleepover at his friend Andy's house and went out looking for the witch, hoping to get more information about the Dark River and his dad's death on a New Year’s Eve.
When he found the witch, the witch told him that he had to go on a journey. Aaron told her that he believed that everything comes with a price and he was very willing to accept the challenge.
The witch admired his courage. She gave him a little elf to accompany him along the journey and hint him whenever he needs help. She also granted him a ring that would only work when there was a supreme emergency. She told him that the purpose of this journey was to collect three crystal balls indicating water, fire and life. After recovering from the sad reality of Tiny's death and the injuries from the battle. Aaron and his friends were seen the heroes who saved the whole village, and Aaron was happy with the fact that all the crystal balls were found. After the celebration with the village, Tiffany and Johnston decided that it was time to return back to their homes because Aaron has got the fairy next to him now. Aaron was ready to return back to his home to save his father with his love as well. On the way back, the fairy double-checked with Aaron if he was ready to return home. The question reminded Aaron of Tiny, when his little buddy asked him if he was ready for the journey, he nodded. The fairy murmured something and they momentarily found themselves in the desert with the entrance door again. Aaron opened the door and they were once again back to the forest near his village. Aaron and the fairy were back in front of the Dark River and Aaron dropped the three crystal balls into the River and the Dark River immediately turned clear. Aaron swallowed a pill given by the fairy and dived down into the bottom of the river. There, he found a palace and was directed to see the mother of Water. Aaron: My apologies, Mother of Water, that I broke into your palace without any...

Aaron: I am afraid... Is there anyway... I...

Aaron: I assume that now you are telling the story of my parents? So my mom was once an immortal fairy?

Aaron: Thank you, Mother of Water. Thank you so much, I appreciate it, but wouldn't the emperor of the supernatural world be mad at you if you just release my father without consulting him?

Aaron: Yes, thank you.Thank you. I finally succeeded! Mother of Water: That's okay. I knew this day was coming and I was expecting your arrival.

Mother of Water: You want to see your father, don't you? But before that, let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, a human fell in love with a fairy.
The were so deep in love together that the fairy even forgot that the rule-- humans and fairy could never be together because they were suppose to be in two different worlds. The fairy knew the human from sneaking out of her supernatural world and sneaked into the ordinary world. The emperor of the supernatural world were madly angry at them and eventually decided to lock the ordinary up but left the fairy in the ordinary world forever as a punishment because the fairy was pregnant.

Mother of Water: What a clever boy! but now that you have completed the journey and brought back the clean water, there was no reason to lock up your father anymore. Bring him up!

Mother of Water: Don't worry about it. It was in fact the supernatural emperor who allowed this to be happened. Now that you have saved so many lives and did good deeds to make up the rules that your parents broke. Not to mention that your mother Zoe was once the emperor's favorite fairy. The emperor was extremely sad to make to decision as well, but he held the supreme power and had to maintain the order for both ordinary and supernatural worlds, so he set up the journey for you to take your father back after all these years you have been separated. As Aaron was about to return back from the underwater world, he suddenly realized that he already fell in love with the fairy that helped healing him in the final ordeal and stood next to him along the way, but she was a fairy as well. Is the tragedy happening again after all these years? Don't worry, of course it wouldn't... After Zoe and Jack's tragic love shocked the whole supernatural world, emperor of the supernatural world has changed the rule to if a fairy was in love with human, then she would have to have the courage to abandon her fairy title and become a human forever. Once the decision was made, there was no turning back ever. You don't get to live forever, you will age and die old, but perhaps you will have a happy life with your husband. (PS: Fairy or anybody from the supernatural world could not experience love because their duty was to manage the ordinary world. It was also extremely hard to become a fairy. You will have to do lots of good deeds in order to enter the supernatural world.) In the end, the fairy abandoned her title in the supernatural world and returned back to the village with Aaron's dad. The two sad lovers were back together like the old days after 10 years and Aaron became the hero of the village. He was entitled the "Boldest Soul of the Crystal River Village" and lived a happy life with his family. The End! Return with the Elixir:
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