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Boludate Presentation

No matter where you come from, there is a Boludate for you

Maria Martin Civiac

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Boludate Presentation

Thessaloniki, Greece San Seoul,
South Korea Colorado, USA Galway, Ireland Rome, Italy Tehran, Iran Sofia, Bulgaria Craiova, Romania Münster, Germany Seville, Spain Joensuu, Finland Lagos, Nigeria Leicester, England BOLUDATE 1 2 5 Intro Plan 3 Analysis 4 Software Design Detailed Architectural Configuration Quality How it works Requirements Testing Questions? No matter where you come from, there is a Boludate for you. What? Where? Who? Maria Martin Civiac Antón García Dosil Artur Staniec Federico Traspaderne Figueroa Project and Quality Manager System Analyst Configuration Manager Tester and Designer Cheap Active social media participants social network information = story Manage all related news into a unique article Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Instagram, Google+ Audience truly wide All kind of themes and news Kraków, Poland Shared worldwide If there is no writer there are no readers... Considerations...
Low coupled modules with high cohesion
Web Browser for using Boludate
Run in real time Methodology
Establish Requirements

Develop Model

Create SW Architecture PRESENTATION
LAYER SCMP SRD URD SW Testing Data Test report Test output data (Problems report) Black box testing ¿Does what it is expected to do? White box testing Quality code
No bugs!
Data Flow
Complexity Transfer Document structure
Date format, fonts, colors, punctuation
Document name
Dropbox Author and reviewer
Deloitte audit 28/11/12
Technical: verify progress system build specification:
- HTTP Server: Apache 2.2.22
- Database Server: MySQL 5.5.24
- Programming Languages: CSS2, HTML 4.01, Javascript 1.8.5
- Database Slave Server for consistency while performing daily backups.
API: Faclitates user information about articles, other Boludate users
User Manual Get user profile: GET/users/:username Log in
News Feeds
News Source
User Facebook
Email + Password Boludate
Google +
Instagram 7 Sources of Information !! Social and usable !! Sharing through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and mail.

Website feed embedding.

Feeds organized in categories. Profile features !! User subscriptions

Like news feeds

Facebook notifications

Link your other social media accounts to your
Boludate Profile!! Connect your existing social media accounts !! 48 User requirements 98 System requirements Log In Social Networks Story Story Constraints Traceability Walkthrough: evaluate & identify defects
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