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No description

John Le

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of LOOKBOOK.nu

When LOOKBOOK.nu started it was invite only (which was not a part of the original plan). This helped contribute to the growth and awareness of LOOKBOOK because it upheld a certain "expectation of quality looks" and users loved it because it made it more exclusive and interactive.

LOOKBOOK's growth has almost been entirely though word of mouth and had even been mentioned in Vogue and Cosmopolitan. Fashion enthusiast spread word of lookbook through blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, ect.

People use LOOKBOOK.nu on a personal level by posting looks. They're able to tag their looks and give info about what they're wearing and where they got it from.

The community interacts with each other by "hyping" looks that they like, leaving comments, participating in forums, ect.

It allows us to see how the rest of the world views fashion at any particular moment in time and get inspired by what other people are doing.

LOOKBOOK.nu has now stretched to over 80 countries around the world.
LOOKBOOK.nu is today used by thousands of stylists, photographers, designers and fashion editors to shape and inform the global fashion industry.

Several small-run indie designers and vintage or handmade clothing/accessory sellers have used LOOKBOOK.nu as a way to promote their brand.

LOOKBOOK allows designers to post other people wearing their creations, and indie boutique and shop owners to post items they are selling only if they themselves are modeling the clothes.

The website also has contests in collaboration with designers and brands which helps the brands gain awareness and popularity and the members get opportunities to be awarded for being active.
Connects people from around the world

Lets users see how people view fashion

Connects retailers to consumers

Interactive community; multimedia

Provides opportunities for users; Contests, BTH, fashion week
Difficult to gain following

Its timely to post looks that get attention

Ads from retailers

No advertising of platform


Empower fashion creators.
LOOKBOOK.nu was founded in 2008 and allowed users to generate and showcase their style and fashion photography.

It lets users connect from around the world through their looks, "hypes," and comments. This allows us to see how the rest of the world dresses and reacts to fashion.

As of 2013, LOOKBOOK.nu has over 1.2 million registered members.



2014: LOOKBOOK.nu provides brands and professionals with an instantaneous stream of style inspiration generated by over 4.4 million people every month.
LOOKBOOK.nu was created by Yuri Lee and her boyfriend, Andy Chen. He works on most of the application development while Yuri does the rest. This includes coding, design, community moderation, and marketing/ collaboration efforts.

They knew each other in college and moved to San Francisco after graduating. Yuri and her boyfriend were discussing websites, which led to the topic of fashion, especially street fashion.

They launched LOOKBOOK.nu together from their small apartment and after a month it started to take off.

They both decided to quit their jobs and work on the site full time.

2010: Founder Yuri Lee named #37 in Refinery29's Fashion 50 - The Most Influential People In Fashion

Thank you,
John Le
You can create an account by signing up though Facebook or do it separately with an email account.
Post a look, tag articles of clothing, choose color palette.
"Hype" looks and comment on them to receive "Karma," which allows your look to be viewed more.
Users connect their LOOKBOOKs with other social media platforms

Participate in contests and forums

"Hype" because you love a look not because you can
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