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The Universe

No description

Shantel Leota- Mataia

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of The Universe

Contents Page

Where did matter come from?

1.The universe
2. Contents Page
3.What are the theories of "How the universe came to be"?
4.Where did the first matter come from?
5.What does the universe consist of?
6.What is the universe made of?
7.Inquiry Question

The Universe
What is the theory of "How the universe came to be"?
What does the universe consist of?

What is the universe made of?
The universe consists of everything like the planets, stars
galaxies,black holes,comets and
meteors etc.
www. is-there-a-god.com
www. youtube.com- StephenHawking:Questioning the universe, Uploaded the video-Ted, April 4th, 2008
27.08.14 - Alison Mataia
27.08.14-Taua Mataia
Matter- Matter is a type of material. Matter is anything has mass and space and take up space and sometimes it refers to a pure substance

By Shantel Leota
The universe is made of is composed ordinary dark matter(5%) including atoms, stars, galaxies, dark matter(25%)which is hypothetical particle which has not been detected yet, and dark energy(70%), which is a kind of energy density seemingly exist even in empty space.
Composed- Created or assembled
Density- It means the amount of mass within a given volume of a material
Hypothenical- Based on serving on a hypothesis
There are theories of how the universe came to be. The most popular theory is the Big Bang Theory astromers say that the universe began with a Big Bang about 14 billion years ago, And all matter was compacted into a very small ball with infinite density and intense heat called singularity. Suddenly, that singularity began to expand and universe came into being. And other religious people believe that god created the universe.
How does the earth orbit around the sun?
The earth orbits around on its axis. During the winter the North Pole is titled away from the Sun's ray, as the Earth changes by June. The North Pole is towards the sun and the days become very long. The Earth takes a years to orbit the Sun but it is the tilt which creates the seasons.

Axis- An imaginary line which a body rotates
Nobody knows where the matter came from but there are theories on how matter originated. There is a alot of matter everywhere like the stars, galaxies,asteroids etc
singularity- A point at which function takes an infinite value, especially in space time when matter infinitely dense, such as the centre of the black hole
seemingly- According to the facts as one knows them
Thanks for watching
Hope you've learnt something
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