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Introduction to Flash Fiction

An intro to Flash Fiction, written for 11th Grade English Language Arts

Jason Wright

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Introduction to Flash Fiction

Mr. Jason Wright
What are the characteristics
of Flash Fiction?
Starts "In Medias Res" - In the middle of the story
Very few words:
Two paragraph minimum
Sixty words per paragraph minimum
Very Few Characters
That Guy
That Girl
A horse
One main plot, one setting
No subplots!
Ex. "That girl wants to buy a horse,
but that guy won't let her."
Setting: The Track
Pick a topic...
What is the basic idea of your story?
With a twist...
1st Person (I, me, my)
3rd Person (He, she)
Remove non-essential words
to save space
(Flash Fiction Roadmap)

"Crash & Flash"
A Crash Course in Flash Fiction
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