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6.02 What are Externalities?

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Jazmin Barias

on 3 February 2017

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Transcript of 6.02 What are Externalities?

6.02 What are Externalities?
What Externalities Does the Issue Raise?
Damage to the ecosystem causes a loss of water regenerations and purification by wetland.
Loss of animals that live in it to local fisherman that supply their catch to local fish markets.

How Is the Issue Connected to Poverty?
Provides dirty water for families living downstream that use the water.
The cost to communities to clean the water an other sources like beaches and the water of those beaches.
Dirty beaches result in less visits from tourists, obviously because they do not want to be surrounded by the polluted water.
What Helpful Action Can My Viewers Take?
Recycling is definitely the way to go when it comes to our bodies of water. If garbage is picked up and if everyone keeps hazardous litter our of our water, it would help immensely with the reducing of water pollution.
What is The Issue?
The issue that I chose to research was Water Pollution. This is a major problem that is not given much attention in the community. Water is something that is needed by everyone, not only people but by other living things.
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